Tuesday 10 February 2009

UFO Finished

Yeaaaaah ... I finished a UFO. It was a very satifying feeling this morning as I sewed on the label to this Double Irish Chain quilt. Only 10 years in the making. Now that's not bad is it? lol

I started this little quilt when I was living in Holland. The fabrics came from the local Ikea, they were a great price! That was in 1999/2000. And so this little quilt top sat, waiting for some more love. Needless to say it was not lonely for long, it soon had other tops joining it in their wait to be loved some more, quilted, bound, given a label and declared finished! That long wait included, being moved house, moved countries, left in safety whilst I went off to war, until, after many years my commitments have changed, and I can devote more time to quilting. So my little friend here was treated to and all over stipple last year, as another top to be complete on my new table top frame. And then, he waited a little more whilst some of his friends received the same treat. But I am very proud to say he, at least, is finished! (though not my first to be finished this year)


Jenny said...

Hi Trudi, its good to find a quilter from the UK on this blogger - I thought I was the only one for a while as everyone else seems to be from the US or Australia! You're not far from the Fabric Guild in Leicester if you really want to add to your stash!

Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

I love this! Simple, clean & Bold, Thats the way I like a quilt!

Trudi said...

Hi Jenny, Its nice to hear from you. You are right, we are not far from each other, not tried Leicester for fabric before, have Wisteria Patchwork about 5 miles from me, Heaths in Ollerton and Doughty's are coming again in April. Though I wading through my stash as fast as I can :o)