Monday 28 March 2011

Great mail!

I have to tell you about some great mail over the last week or so!

I am thrilled to be the lucky, no very lucky recipient of a Madame Samm Cuppa Cozie, made specially for me!

Isn't she a beauty!  I love her sew much, thank you Madame Samm :)

And look, she even matches my work apron!  lol

And if you are quick you too could win your own Cuppa Cozie made by Madame Samm, she has a giveaway on her blog right now!  Go, quick!  And Do watch the video  :)

And.... yes..... and... during the March Christmas Quiltalong, I won a prize from Sue over at Quilt Times

A beautiful hand made journal.  Thank you Sue, I just love the quilting  :)  I can use this to track all my prep for Christmas through the year!

Happy Quilting! 

Sunday 27 March 2011

Quilt Along progress

I've been busy, for starters, I've got 9 little (big) blocks something like this ...

Don't forget to check out the progress on the Flickr group page!

I've also got some finishes to show you, but that will have to wait for another day!  It's going to get a little manic around here this week, I will try to post updates as and when I can.

In the mean time,  Happy Quilting!

Saturday 19 March 2011

Love a good Quilt Along!

And Lynne over at Lily's Quilts Blog is hosting a great Dresden's Quilt Along.   There's a button on the right there to help you find out more
Lilly's Quilts QAL fabrics by Trudi-quiltingprolifically

And these are the fabrics I'm using.  Well it is Spring!  I'm feeling inspired!

Theres a Flickr group too!  Go check out all that loveliness!

Happy Quilting!

I'm having some issues with Blogger not letting me load my pics directly from Flickr, I'm feeling really technically challenged!  So much so, I'm heading to the studio to do something I KNOW!  I Hope this dim feeling passes soon! 

Sunday 13 March 2011

Sunny Sunday!

The sun finally emerged today!  Yayyy!  So when I finally got round to doing some work, at least it was warm  :)

I took this quilt off the frame, it's been sitting there done for a few days now... it was time, don't you think!

Thought you'd appreciate a sneaky look at the quilting ...

I got binding made and sewn onto it ready for stitching down tomorrow afternoon at the Many Jeans quilting group.

I caught up with my Scatty Christmas blocks for the Christmas Quilt Along.

And I caught up on these pretty blocks for Wendy who asked for tropical colours to accompany her cream fabric, love the lime and purple combo! 

They have to come with me tomorrow afternoon.  I have a few more to catch up with.  (Ever feel like it's all a little overwhelming?  Just me huh?)

AND, in really big news, get this Angela .....  I DID some of my City and Guilds work!  I hope you were sitting down!  (I've been unable to touch it since just before Christmas and the news of redundancy)

Now that feels much better  :)

Happy Quilting!

Saturday 12 March 2011

Christmas Quilt Along Porgress Report

OK, this is a quick one, it's been a long day and I'm tired - too much digging - oops shouldn't have done that!

I got a set of 4 coasters made :)  Love Amy Butler fabrics!


and started on my Scatty Stars ...

I'll finish these off in the morning, in the mean time ...

... time for bed said Zebedee!

Happy Quilting!

That time again!

Yep Christmas in March!  I'm taking part in Sue at Quilt Times Christmas Quilt Along, and I've very late to the party!  Ooops!  I do have a good excuse, promise!  We spend 4 hours down the allotment this morning/early afternoon, digging, tidying, readying.... and I've just finished planting about 300 onions!  Oh and got my potatoes ready to continue with the chitting process.  So you see I have  a  good excuse! 

I couldn't leave you without a pic....

A taste of things to come! 

Not very Christmassy I know, so now I'm off to make some coasters to add to my 'already done' Christmas box. 

I'll be back soon  :)

Tuesday 8 March 2011


It feels like spring, the sun has been out 2 days in a row!  We had 10 degrees Celsius yesterday :) The daffodils are flowering, it feels like spring!  At least today anyway!

I've been dreaming of spring for weeks, can you tell?

Mmm, early forced Yorkshire Rhubarb made into bright pink jam, sharp tangy and yummy!

Happy Quilting!

Friday 4 March 2011



And another thing!  Did you notice March snuck in?

Well, life has been a little busy lately, work, work, and a little extra work.  Now that was nice!  More than nice, in fact!  I'd been asked by Martha of Machine Quilter to help with a quilting retreat aimed directly at enabling quilters learn skills to quilt on their New English Quilter frame.  As I've been quilting prolifically on mine for the last 3 and a half years, and living only 30 minutes away, of course I said yes!

We had a wonderful, full and productive weekend spent blissfully drawing, quilting, playing and exploring.  I can highly recommend the hospitality of Chaplin House bed and breakfast if you are visiting Lincolnshire, we were fed and watered with the most mouth watering, delicious food, that was organic and local, and always where possible, home made, including the most marvelous jams, and a fruit pavlova that personally pushed me over the edge!

And we even played with feathers!  What a star you are Emma!

And we learned a lot about threads  :)  Great Threaducation from Martha!

Gosh has a week gone by already! 

And in other news ....
I got all my threads in one place ... and my little angel has a little perch to watch over me whilst I sew.  A very special gift, hand made by a friend, Sarah.  Such a talented lady  :)

Happy Quilting!