Pea Room Quilters BOM

June 2014

The first block is Northumberland Star
just take a little extra care to follow the directions for piecing this one
(just sayin')

and the second is Rising Star

Honestly, this one is so quick, and very satisfying to make!

May 2014

first up is the Variable Star

make sure you follow the instructions carefully, particularly on the clever piecing of the quarters square triangles

Next for May is the Squares and Stars block

both similar, again, careful construction of those quarter square triangles is necessary, ask me how I know!

Perhaps you could bring your blocks you have made so far along to the next meeting so we can all see what everyone has achieved.  

Happy stitching!

 April 2014

Our first block is Dorothy's Star

(click on the underlined words to take you to the instructions)

and our second is the Autograph Star

(yes, I had a few problems with this one, I must read the cutting instructions more closely, even if I am a little stretched for time!) 

March 2014
So for this month 2 more stars

This is the Army Star instructions can be found here

the second block is the Martha Washington Star

this is one of my favourite blocks, instructions for this block are here

February 2014

All blocks are 12" finished and instructions can be found at

This first one is Morning Star 2 

and the second Solomon's Star