Wednesday 17 March 2010

WIP Wednesday!

I thought I'd show you what I was working on yesterday at the LQS and continued to play with today!

So what have you been working on on Work In Progress Wednesday?

Tuesday 16 March 2010

A helping hand...

Many, many years ago (before I had children), I managed to pick up about 6 yds of Union Flag fabric.  Last year I met Sue Atkinson, at a Regional day for the Quilters Guild.  She was telling people about a recent visit she made to Headley Court, the Rehabilitiation Centre for the British Military.  She had taken quilts down for the soldiers, which had been well received.  Some of you may not know, I recently served in the Royal Air Force for over 21 years.  I've been to Headley Court, I've been through their rehabilitation programme for backs.  I understand first hand some of what these guys are going through. 

After hearing a plea for more quilts for our injured troop returning from Afghanistan, not only did I feel compelled to my little bit, I finally knew what to to do with the Union Flag fabric.  I challenged my quilt group to make a quilt to go to Headley Court using the fabric.  They were all given a piece about half a meter.

I was thrilled to be able to hand over the first four quilts below, made by Jean, Jean, Maureen and Wendy.  I have yet to make my own.  I have quilted a top that will go, I'm currently sewing on binding. 

Didn't they do well!  Not the easiest fabric to play with.  And  a big thank you to Tina who willingly held up the quilts so I could get a quick pic before the quilts went on their merry way with Sue.

Playing catch-up...

I spent last week working on my c&g work.  I managed to put one module to bed and make a good start on the next.  I'm working on the origins of 4 patch, 5 patch and 9 patch blocks.  If you shed any light on these, I'd really appreciate it. 

Ok, back to the real quilting, this is the first block for the Jelly Roll Sampler quilt along.  I'm using an Eva JR with a green on white subtle fabric as a background.  I did get block 2 made this evening, and it was only put on the blog today.  After being so far behind on stuff, I thought I should play a little catch-up.

I managed to get my blocks for the Bees Knees Bee I belong to.  These are for Debbie (Miss March).  Such a simple pattern but soooooo effective!  If you get 5 mins to head over to the blog (there's a button on the right) you'll be able to see Debbie's plan for these.  It's stunning!
And with the fabric Claire (Miss Feb) sent, I managed 3 blocks, which is great as the request was for 2 if we could manage it.  I hope this makes up for being a little late in the day for these!
At the weekend I went to the Regional Day for the Quilters Guild.  It was great to catch up with freinds, make new ones, the faith lunch was wonderful (as always) and th speaker was Barbara Weeks.  It was wonderful to see her quilts up close and personal, as well as her sketch books.   Lots of show and tell, but I wanted to show you this quilt.  By Elaine Smith, it has taken her 6 years, the silks have all been dyed. 

Imagine being told that this isn't good enough to enter into a show.  Really, it was stunning!

Monday 8 March 2010

Still stitching....

I managed to get this off the frame a good couple of weeks ago, but today I managed to get it trimmed up ready for binding.  Thank you to Amanda Jean for the pattern of this one. (I'd link to her blog, but she's decided to no longer blog - and I miss her inspiration) I have quite a stash of AmyButler fabrics, they were just right for this. 
My favourite feathers :)

I've been busy working away on my City and Guilds, the bricks are from a photo I took of some beautiful houses in Edinburgh.  The colours and patterns were amaizing.

I'm pleased to say my tutor was really pleased with this piece of work.

Using the same brick fabrics I moved onto some Log Cabin blocks.  I love the subtlety of these, the batiks and hand dyed fabrics work really well and adds a great light.

From there I moved on to Court House Steps, but not being satisfied with the traditional, I've chosen four different colours for each side.

This little block just really speaks spring.  Have you noticed how mother nature is sneaking around, sssshhhh we don't want her to realise we've noticed! 

So, you see, I may have been a little absent lately, but I have good cause, honest!  I've been keeping up with my blog reader, so I know you all have been busy little bees too!

Happy quilting!