Friday 23 November 2012

Pea Room Quilter BOM

I didn't quite manage to get the blocks pieced in time for the meeting on Monday, so Tuesday I set to with the prepared blocks to make some progress ...

easy enough, but I did find laying all the pieces out first made the piecing so much more methodical and easier ...

I love this block, I may have to make a set of these at a later date ...

And so I moved onto the next block, chain piecing the flying geese made it all so much quicker ...

As long as the colours are paired up, please put them in any order you like ...

Again, loved this block and think they are going to look beautiful all together!

any problems, please get in touch with me :)

Thursday 22 November 2012

Recent arrivals ...

after a discussion on twitter about flannel I was forced to make a brief detour to the LQS to pick up the last of the Moda Textures flannel,  cross weave but lovely softness!

and one or two FQs just happened to jump into my bag!

then there was Odds and Ends from Justine at Simply Solids ...

I have plans for this, I may have started already!  Oh and have you heard about the Simply Solids sale?  15% of all orders Friday through to Monday using code turkey on checkout ... just sayin!

and the lovely Alice from Backstitch enabled these speedily to my letterbox... 

again, I have plans  :) 

and last but not least, Katy send a fabulous package, for which there are a couple of plans ...

been a lot of planning going on!

oh another package arrived courtesy of Pink Castle Fabrics, but I haven't been home in daylight to get any pics of them ... and there may be a few more to come thanks to the Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales going on this weekend!

And not forgetting a very special package that is now being eagerly awaited!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone across the pond celebrating too !

Monday 19 November 2012

Travelling PicStitch BlogHop

Wow time goes fast!  My turn already!

Welcome to the travelling PicStitch BlogHop

Well, I've certainly done some travelling in my time, but sadly, don't have many pics to show for it 
(don't you love it when your laptop crashes!)  

so as this is an international blog hop i thought you'd like to go travelling around the coutryside of Lincolnshire where I live ...

I thought about this early morning shot, love those subtle colours ...

and then there is the local country park I live within walking distance of ...

but, you know me, I like of bit of vibrant colour, and settled on this ...

I often drive past this field, but one day, just had to stop the car, the dark threatening sky against the vibrant rape field 

its been a while since I did any EPP, but I'm always up for a challenge 

so having delved into my stash, I discovered some beautiful fabrics that fitted the bill ...

the colours are a bit off,(must have been one of those rare but bright sunny days!)  but then I started playing with papers and fabric ...

and I forgot how lovely EPP was!

I'm not quite sure where this is heading but I kinda like it and am going to have to make a few more!

Be sure to check out Hadley's blog tomorrow for the next stop in the hop, and link up on the 30th of November for the chance to win some fabulous prizes sponsored by Paper Pieces, Fabricworm, Pink Castle Fabrics, Marmalade Fabrics, Fat Quarter Shop, WantItNeedItQuilt and Aurifil ...

Sunday 18 November 2012

Sunday Sitrep

Standby for visual overload ... I've been a tad busy ... in a good way!

pieced this little lovely then quilted it all over with Superior Threads Rainbows called Citrus Cooler ...

cut up my pile of Vintage Modern, and added a little Ruby for borders 

and got this monster quilt!   92" x 92"  
oh but I love it, and all from stash!  Just need to find the right back!

I got a bit of a swoon on, but only the one block ...

and when I visited with Di, we made these beauties for Bee Blessed ...

did I show you these already?  Cant remember, sorry

and I got another block for the Curve Along done too ...

I've been busy quilting too ...

with Superior Threads Rainbows Salsa!

Isn't it fab!

and then took a little cream and grey to this ...

oh, and there has been postal deliveries too ! ...

what no fabric?  

back to that cream and grey ...

got in touch with my inner Angela Walters on this one!

and then I did this ...

Hula  dance anyone?  

great name for a thread colour don't you think?

there have been a few other happenings, but I can't show you those ...

and I'll save my other purchases for a later date !

Come back tomorrow for more ...

Sunday 11 November 2012

At the going down of the sun

... And in the morning we will remember

Wednesday 7 November 2012


Yesterday I was very fortunate to escape the house and head over to Di's for a little laughter, lunch and some light sewing! (I did fail on the home baked cake front!)

It was just the tonic I needed, so thank you Di, hope I didn't moan too much!

Now I say light sewing, as I was there a fair few hours, and we managed to sew these little lovelies for Bee Blessed!

Aren't they pretty! What a blessing it is to have such friends!

Tomorrow. Return to work, so progress will return to normal, slower levels, I'll try and give you an update of how my half term list faired, though as I have a school meeting tomorrow evening with the Diva, hmmm 6th form! It may be in a day or two!

Tuesday 6 November 2012

UR Priceless Blog Hop

I have to congratulate Madame Samm, for once again orchestrating another brilliant blog hop!

This time round our cheerleader is Katherine from Sew Me Something Good 
there's a full list of everyone on Katherine's side bar 

At last I can show you what else I've been working on!

After learning the secrets of the frame purse earlier this year, and a follow on swap on Flickr, I was thrilled to be involved in this blog hop, as I know how addictive they can be!   

so I give you my wee little coin purse ...

I went diving into my stash, I cant tell you what the fabrics are, other than the spot is a Tanya Whelan, the blue is from Hushabye and the lining is a Riley Blake fabric 

now if you love little coin purses, you can now buy the pattern from Madame Samm's Craftsy Pattern Shop for $7.50 ...

look at the detail in the bottom !  (no sniggering!)  

I planned to make a twinne, its cut, ready to go, I just ran out of time!  

Seems I've been busy lately!  But I do see a few more of these in my future ... just sayin'

There are 100 bloggers taking part, and these are all the lovelies that are posting along with me today ...

Day 2 - Nov.6th

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Gracie Oliver Arts
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Grammie Q's

Make sure you go take a look at each one, they are all so different!

Oh, and Madame Samm will be pinning each purse everyday, so if you want to see some more great eye candy go take a peak here!

And ... yes and ....

Saturday 3 November 2012


Start Something ELSE New!

Well, you didn't think I could stick to the list of things that I HAD to do, do you?

I was browsing the web, as you do, and fell upon something new, this was before I got the latest edition of Fat Quarterly!  (expect to see something from that too! - just sayin!)

I was so taken by it, I did a quick mental calculation, explored a few layer cakes, and rejected them for these ....

Mmm,  Vintage Modern by Bonnie and Camille .... I knew that FQ bundle would have it's day!

so now I have a collection of blocks building up nicely ...  well, really once I got all the cutting done,  they don't take long to piece at all!

and just so you know  ...

you'll find me at the bottom of the garden with the fairies!

Quilting, and piecing, and planning a few more!

Friday 2 November 2012

striking off a few ...

... on Monday, my list consisted of several things ...

I've sent off the class submission - Done
I even got some samples quilted up - Done

I got all, yes all the cutting for a Queen size Mod Pop Quilt along ... Done

and that pile of Hello Pilgrim I got from Alice at Backstitch back at Festival ...

well I started something new!

I'm joining Jenny from Sew Kind of Wonderful on the Curve it Up  Quilt Along ...

so this is my first block.  Another one is next week ...

and I was going to turn these into a quilt top and get it loaded onto the frame   ...

I am happy to report there has been progress ...

in fact more progress than this ... I have a finished top ...

and I found a suitable backing ... 

so hopefully in the morning I will get it loaded and commence quilting  :)  

Oh, and there were a couple of other things too!

So the plan for the weekend ? 

Hmm,  quilt the quilt above, do some more with the purse frames and get a blog post written, 
and maybe, I'll get a Swoon block done too!

Thursday 1 November 2012

Hello November

a little sad to say goodbye to October, it went too fast!
but then that happens when you've been busy!

 With 3 large quilts quilted (one not shown here) there has been cake, fabric, gifts, swaps and makes ...

all good!

Linking up with Lynne for Fresh Sewing day 

have you seen what everyone else has been up to?  Go on, go take a look!