Monday 9 June 2014

making progress

I finally got some Brit Bee blocks out the way, 
carrying on from the reject block, I chose a new one and set to with the paper piecing

I made great progress, until I measured the block

These were supposed to be a 6" finished block!
Seems I'm not the only one that had a few issues printing from EQ7

So I tired again, went with a reliable source I trust, and had another go!

I can't show you any more than this, but finally,
I have done them!

The 5 previous blocks won't be going to waste, I'm now making them into a cushion and it will go to a very loving home!

and while we are on the subject of Brit Bee, I forgot to show you, when Susan came over she had made me the most adorable lavender bag!

Its now partnered with the previous one she made!
Thank you Susan!  I love it!

Friday 6 June 2014

Slowly slowly

Something else that has been on my finish along list has be the Jelly Roll half Square Triangle quilt for the shop

The piecing of the blocks I had been doing slowly each time I had a few moments in classes where I could,  finally I got to a point they were ready to put together as a top. 

and then I added a wide border of background fabric, and loaded it up

my intention had been to do a quick all over on this, 
yeah, some of you know that isn't always what the quilt says it wants, 
and I have a habit of ignoring the client brief, on occasion!

I started ...

did some more, and then realized I'm gonna be here for some time! 

So Wednesday I made it to the halfway point

I did a little more last night, so slowly slowly I am chipping away at this one!

I WILL have it off the frame this weekend, 
and then I need to make the binding, I have the strips put to one side, stitch it on by machine and 
slowly, slowly hand stitch the binding down.
But that's for another day!

Thursday 5 June 2014

Finally a Feathery Finish

This quilt has taken forever, can you believe this one was pieced way back in November last year at the Kitchen Guild Retreat!

and it sat in he pile of quilts tops for its turn.  
which actually proved not to be that long await (in comparison to others still in the pile!)

After the arrival of my new Long Arm in January, it was the first real quilt top I loaded up and just went for it!

so by the end of Quarter 1 of the Finish along, it was quilted and the binding sewn onto the front, 
I'd even started the hand stitching.

and then it sat for a while longer
But I decided enough!

so on Thursday and Friday night last week I took to the needle and thread and finished off that binding once and for all!

I took it with me to Himself's cottage, but the trellis was having none of it, 

the sun was too bright for a flat shot, I couldn't even see what I was taking a picture of!
and he was at work, so pretty countryside picture was a nonstarter!

the fence was a final resort, but it works for me, despite his neighbors funny looks!

and so I can mark this off my Quarter 2 list for the FAL - Phew!
Its nice to actually finish something, a - that's mine and b - that I can actually show you!