Friday 29 October 2010

Bloggers Fall Quilt Festival

It's that time of year again, and I'd like to thank Amy for once again organising the Bloggers Fall Quilt Festival.  And to all the lovely and oh so very generous sponsors too, a big thank you :)

So this year I thought I'd share my favourite quilt I've completed this year -  French Blue.  This quilt started life as a scrappy leaders and enders project I took with me for a retreat weekend.  Over several weekends I managed to get all the blocks pieced, and then, as with a lot of us quilting butterflies, there they sat ..... waiting!

And these blocks waited patiently until a colleague declared she was leaving us to go live in French France!  I knew I just had to make a quilt for this dear dear friend, as she had patiently watched me bring in quilt after quilt as I completed them, she actively admired and encouraged my creativity.  How could I not make a quilt for her!  

So we discussed colours, size, pattern, all the usual things you would consider when you are making something special for someone equally as special.  So when she told me she wanted something typically French cottage chic, I knew just the blocks.  I dutifully dug them out from their resting spot, a quick count up and took them for a visit to the workplace.  Perfect, just perfect! 

I was given carte blanch to finish the quilt borders and quilt it as my heart desired!  And I had great fun in the process! 

I managed to finish this quilt just in time for it to travel to Birmingham to appear on the New English Quilter Stand for Festival of Quilts.

And then brought it safely home to be wrapped and given to a very dear friend to take with her to France and not only help her settle into her new home, but also as a reminder of the good times and friends across the channel.

It was definitely a hard one to give, as I chose the blocks, pattern and especially the colours because I loved them.  What more could you put into a gift?

I hope you are enjoying visiting all the other beautiful quilts in the Festival, head back over to Amys blog to the Festival Linky to continue this amazing adventure!

Happy Quilting!

Wednesday 27 October 2010

The (Great Big) Stiched Postcard Swap

I'd Like to thank RuffHaven for the link the the swap above,  I've sent my e-mail and left a comment and am hoping to be accepted. 

If you fancy a quick postcard swap, head over to Beth's Blog Do What You Love Love what you Do  and sign up quick!  And I mean quick, sign ups end on Friday 29 October 2010.

Wednesday 20 October 2010

The change ... in the weather

And to think, the clocks go back soon :(

Scrappy Mug Rug Swap

This is what I recieved from Tracy in the Mug rug swap that's been happening over on Flickr.  Cool huh?  Thanks Tracy, I love those little tea pots  :)

Tuesday 19 October 2010

One Week, One Thing #4

It's been a funny week or two.  And all my goals seem to have slipped along the wayside.  In fact very little has been done.   So I'm taking the pledge with Amy to get just one thing done this week. 

I loaded up this quilt for the Christmas quilt along, did a row and there it has sat.  So.......  I will get this done this week,  I'll give you a progress report on Monday.  There's a button on the sidebar to link you to Amy's blog where there'll be a Mr Linky to see everyone elses progress reports too. 

Maybe this will get me out of the groove I've been stuck in!

Happy quilting!

Friday 15 October 2010

undeniably absent

but busy beavering away....

during the Christmas sew along last weekend, I managed 8 jars of Plum and Russet Mincemeat.  (but when I had put the last of the mixture into the jars, I realised I forgot the brandy!   Ooops

Oh well, we have something interesting to try come Christmas!

And for those that were looking, I got the recipe from this book... I highly recommend the book!

I think I'd be flaunting copyright laws if I publish the recipe -  sorry

Be back soon with a finish!

Happy Quilting!

Saturday 9 October 2010

Christmas Quilt Along - Early Evening update

Late Evening update:  No more work done! (well that's not strictly true, I've prepared the ingredients for some Plum and Russet Mincemeat for Christmas!)     I've gone to bed, I'll update you tomorrow on how I get on through the day! Thanks for coming back to check up on me!

By Lunchtime I had a pile of blocks  :)

We stopped for some homemade butternut squash soup which had been bubbling away on the stove whilst I worked. 

Can you tell what it its yet?  LOL

I was able to lay out the blocks into the strips, of which I have 3 strip sets now pieced. 

And as is my usual habit, I used the pieces of the table runner as leaders and enders so it went together without really thinking about it.

Just a little one, only measures 14 1/2 x 34 1/2".  I'll save quilting it until the frame is free or the Berni is home.

Speaking of which, the 'Reserve' wasn't playing nicely today!  Hmmph!  For no apparent reason she decided that she didn't want to play and sent the tension doolally.  I was less than please having sung her praises earlier in the week.  She's on a warning!

How are you doing?  Have you had a chance to go see what everyone else is up to? 

Go on, you know you want to, grab another cup on your fave beverage and sit and enjoy for a while!

I'll be back later with another post before I call it a night.  (we've just had dinner, which pretty much sorted itself out in the oven all afternoon!) 

See you later!

Christmas Quilt Along

It's that time of the month again to join Sue over at Quilt Times for the Christmas Quilt Along.  This month, I may just finish putting this top together, but it's not particularly high on my 'To Do' list.

With my Berni languishing at the shop, my horizon is set on getting this one of the frame, I've only made one row of quilting on it, so there's a way to go. 

The makings of a table runner ....   (quite litterally!  LOL  Running all over my table!)


And I started something new! 

I'm hoping to get this top completed.   

It will certainly be a busy day, but it could turn into a productive weekend too!  Are you joining in?  Have you been over to Sue's blog to see who else is joining in?  There's a button on the right that should take you straight over there ....

go on...

you know you want to! 


Happy Quilting!

Oh ... come back later and see how I've been doing!

Friday 8 October 2010


I've been shopping!

And I have plans!  ....

Happy Quilting!

Thursday 7 October 2010

It all started a month or two ago ...

The normal letter from British Gas telling me it was time to service my boiler, but not with an appointment, but instruction to log on line and book it there!  Do you think I can find the letter?

Then the new lawnmower started to sound just a little off colour (well not so new, we bought it last summer)... so it needs a service.  Hmmm....

And then I get a letter from the garage telling me it's time for my car to have a service! ..... 

Are you still with me?  Can you see a pattern here!  Are you sensing my frustration yet?

and then.....

My beloved Bernina decided that although I'd just cleaned and oiled her at her request .... no, that wasn't good enough .....

She didn't understand I was right in the middle of free motion quilting a quilt! ...  Noooooo!

So the blinking tools on the screen flashed, and flashed, I let them flash some more til the quilting was done. 

Then I went to drag out the 'reserve' from the back and behind my frame.  Not an easy feat I can tell you!

She's been around a while, admittedly, and I guess because of that she didn't complain when she was plugged straight in and switched on.  Although she has a bit of a bad habit in clinching the fabric in her grip and not wanting to let it go, but I think after a little chat and a slight (OK, a major) adjustment she's been pretty much well behaved! 

But she's not my Berni, and I miss her!  Only another week to 10 days till she's home and making me happy again! 

Am I the only person that seems to have everything in the house needing a service all at the same time?   (my bank account is shrinking in fear!)

In the mean time, I started something new!  Well, why not, eh?

Happy Quilting!

Sunday 3 October 2010

Oh Gosh! I'm a winner! A Double winner!

Talk about giddy!

I won a book over at PollythePatchworker!  Not just any book, but this book!

This was a giveaway that was happening on various blogs across blogland, sponsored by Martingale.  And whilst I've made several quilts along these lines, I'm looking forward to having a good play again!

And then blow me, I won the most fabulous prize from Seamstar!  They are fabulously friendly online fabric shop based here in the UK, and is THE place to get some of those amazing fabrics that are so hard to get in the UK. 

Anyway, I'll cut to the chase!  I was just getting dressed this morning when the postman called...

except I wasn't in any fit state to answer the door...

The teenage diva was dutifully dispatched....

And returned with several packages, one of which was this little beauty. 

Isn't is so beautifully wrapped ... 2 meters of usable ribbon just waiting for some creativity! 


and inside was the most wonderful fabrics  ....

And now after looking and searching and a little play time, I have a plan ...

Thank you Courtney!  I'm already having such fun with these fabrics! 

Happy Quilting!