Tuesday 29 September 2009

Sis Boom, Pow!...

I have the honour of being one of the lucky people to help V of Bumble Beans in her mission for another gather quilt for charity. Beautiful scrap fabrics have been donated by Jennifer Paganelli for this gather quilt.
Aren't they fabulous!

Basically, 30 people make a block each (though in fact we are making 2, one for the charity quilt and one for V) send them back to V and she puts a beautiful quilt together. And trust me, she has made some beautiful quilts, check out her blog and look at her previous gather quilts.

So, you'll find a button on the right of my blog linking to the Sis Boom, Pow! blog where you can follow the progress of this international gathering. I'll be doing my main blogging about my progress over there, but I'll let you know each time. Go check out the blog and the other quilters taking part too!

I now eagerly await the arrival of my package of scraps :-)

Happy quilting!

Thursday 24 September 2009

All the makings of a few more quilts...

... but this time they are for me! Sorry to disappoint. I've been a lucky girl lately, my partner bundled me into the car with a friend and drove us to the local quilt shop. Where, it has to be said, I had such a treat! It's been over 9 weeks since I've been able to get out and about, so it was a real treat to make it out there. (oh, it's not far, only 10 minutes in the car, but when you are pretty much house bound, because walking any distance is out, the bus stop too far and I'm not allowed behind the wheel of the car just yet, it was delightful!)
An Arcadia Layer Cake from Moda, and some lovely fabric to use as binding. I've already cut this and made 42 blocks, (grin) I'm getting sashing sorted today! (My version of a quilt that recently appeared on Moda Bake shop).
These fat quarters and a little Jelly Tot (20 strips 2 1/2" WOF), again I've cut up the FQs into 20 blocks, and will add more from the jelly tot and a nice white on white. The blue batik, I already have some of this, but my friend Jean was buying quite a bit, there wasn't much left on the bolt, so I got the last of it. It's such a lovely fabric. The green is for an up and coming project, Charlie I hope you like batiks? and the red/brown spot was just too yummy to leave behind.
I'll keep you posted on my progress! I'm getting better at sewing standing, but as the grouting is being done in the kitchen as I type, I may be back at the table next week! Yippeeee!
Happy quilting!

Tuesday 22 September 2009

All the makings of a FREE quilt!

Do you fancy winning a quilt? Well, all the makings of a quilt? Get yourself right over to Judi's blog at Green Fairy Quilts, she's having a great giveaway to celebrate the release of two new patterns. You've got to be in it to win, so GO! Now...... go on!

Sunday 20 September 2009

Wonky Progress

As you can see, there is progress on my wonky logs, but, it is slow! I have five now, and this week I plan on adding another five to these.

These haven't been the only sewing I've done this weekend, but I can't show you all that just yet. Today I have been working on some circle play, after seeing what V over at Bumble Beans has been playing with. She has written a great tutorial, I suggest you get over to her blog and have a good read. A very talented artist, she draws her inspiration from all over, and this was no exception. I'll post more on my efforts soon!

Happy quilting!

Friday 18 September 2009

Jelly Rolls ...

Nancy alerted everyone to a great Giveaway! Missouri Star Quilt Co are hosting a Jelly Roll Week, they are posting ideas and videos all week on great ways to use your Jelly Rolls. Not only are they inspiring us all, but they are having a Giveaway too! Yes, you too could be in with a chance to win a Jelly Roll, So get over there and have a look, of course you could enter, but that means I have less chance of winning, and Nancy too! Go on, have a go!

Sunday 13 September 2009

Wonky Logs - part 2

I thought I would give the second Wonky Log, the Quarter log a go! For no other reason, other than I can!

I got these batiks earlier this year, I just love these colours together, so much so, I seem to have quite a collection to go along with them.

I'm pleased with how this block has turned out, I'm not sure if I am going to border these ones yet, I'll see what they all look like together when they are done. I love that lime, don't you?

Have you had a chance to go and see what everyone else is making over on the Old ~Red Barn Flicker Group?

I'm going to concentrate on getting the plain ones done first, before I continue with these. Plus I've got my PIF gifts to finish off.

Happy Quilting!

A Gift from Greg

I was lucky enough to be the recipient of a Pay it Forward gift from Greg over at Flat out Quilting.
So the package arrived, courtesy of the US Postal Service and the Royal Mail, and the completely oblivious to the beakie little customs man!
And inside was this cute little bag, hand made by Greg, with its own special label, such a lovely touch.
Have I told you how much I love twiggy? I already have a Layer cake and a Jelly roll, I really am going to have to do something with them now, I have a few idea's rolling around. (That's the problem with having so much time on your hands, too much time to think, and plan)
So I need to crack on with my own PIF gifts, they are coming along nicely, I'll post when they have been put in the mail.
Happy Quilting!

Friday 11 September 2009

Wonky Logs

I've started on another Sew Along with Old Red Barn. John of Quilt Dad is hosting this one and is doing a great job at showing everyone through his blog and the flicker group how to make these blocks, not just the ones I've made, but four, yes Four! different types of wonky logs. The second wonky log is the quarter log, which you can find here.

As you can see, I'm making progress, but it's slower than normal, still. (I'm still finding it hard to cut and sew for anything more than half an hour, and as for pressing... don't go there!) The one on the left was my first attempt, the right my second. I think I like the right, more wonky block more, so I will continue with these.
I will try the other blocks, but I'm sure I'd want to make a whole quilt out of each one, so I'll work on these for now. These fabrics all came from my stash, yep nothing new purchased here! Mostly Oakshott cottons, they are lovely to work with. And I love the look of them now I'm piecing. I've found some more to go with these that I got at the Spring Quilt Fair at Chilford earlier this year. I'm hoping to replenish the stash at the Autumn Quilt Fair later in November. (I'd like to think I will be driving again by then)

So if you fancy having a go yourself and freeing up the stress on accuracy then get over to Johns blog, or the flicker group either here or by the button on the right of my blog.

Happy quilting!

Tuesday 8 September 2009

A Little late Finish ...

Back in July I finished a quilt but didn't have any pictures of it. My friend and colleague Donna had a birthday just as I was going into hospital, so this was given to her before I had a chance to get any pics of my own.

I'm pleased to say, that not only was Donna thrilled with her little quilt, but she has e-mailed me some pictures of it in its finished state. Thanks Donna! :o)

I was particularly thrilled with how well the quilting went on this little quilt which was originally a 'Big Busted Mystery' challenge. Made completely from stash too!

Monday 7 September 2009

Taking the bind out of Binding

I thought I better let you know I'm still here, I have been sewing, slowly, but I can't show you just yet as it's part of my PIF projects. I have started with another Old Red Barn Sew Along, but more of that in another post.

I want to introduce you to a blog friend of mine Tracey of Chubby Mummy. Tracey is an experienced quilter who, like me, has a busy family life, but she does some fantastic work, take a look at her blog at Chubby Mummy.

Tracey is currently offering a free down load of her book on binding. This is something I'm sure we all have difficulty with at some point or another. I've already taken advantage of Tracey's generosity and I have to say, I learnt a lot from this little read. Well worth it, with loads of tips of how to get perfect binding every time. Clear instructions and diagrams that explain what and why you are doing something. I always learn better if I know why I'm doing something, if I can see the logic I can make it work.

That's not all, Tracey has her own shop too, where she sells her individual pieces of her craft. Each one is unique. I really recommend you go and have a look. Read about it here.

To find out more about Tracey do take a look at her web site TeePeeQuilts. I have to say, I was blown away by her quilting and achievements. An awesome artist!

Happy quilting!