Wednesday 30 November 2011

A mid week finish

If you in that group of peeps that's easily offended by the word, thought, or sight of 'BATIKs'

please look away now, I make no apologies, in fact, I embrace living dangerously  :) 

Finally I got the binding sewn down on my Double Delight quilt, a Bonnie K Hunter mystery quilt ...

made completely out of batiks (on the front)


completely from stash!

on this quilt I tried out the free form baptist feathers, a mixture of baptist fans with feathers, and in true free form quilting, they go in opposite directions in each row of quilting ...

you can see how it plays so well with all the colours in the quilt, remain more about texture, and less obvious in the overall look of the quilt .... lovely

I love this pattern :) 

and I know you always want to see the back ...

Quilt is about 80" x 90", top made in 2008/2009, quilted much earlier this year and now done!
That's a UFO off my list!  and a little dent in the Winter Stitching List!

tomorrow ... November will be done for another year ... sigh

Sunday 27 November 2011

Modern Christmas Table Runner Swap

Well, I come to write this post and realise I didn't take a picture of my table runner all done and finished! 

But this gives you a good idea ...

I got a bit carried away with the quilting! 
I'm hoping my partner won't mind the indulgence of the traditional feather ...

sent with goodies, and handmade ornaments ...

and yet to be received at it's new home...

I hope it won't take too long :)

But the postman called on Friday afternoon and dragged me out of my bed ...
not my usual Friday afternoon activity, but I was a little under the weather ....

and this is what was inside the enormous box the post man handed over ...

My partner, Nicolette who blogs as DutchComfort, sent me an amazing assortment of traditional Dutch Christmas goodies, many of which are personal favourites, and have brought back so many memories, for both me and the Teenage Diva! 

Little did Nicolette know, I spent 3 years living and working in The Netherlands, right up to May 2002!

And the table runner .... oh the table runner! 

Perfect in all respects! Thank you Nicolette, again, I am truly blessed  :) 

So, that is two things off of my Winter Stitching List, just need to nail some of that Christmas gift sewing, but I've been kind of busy on the quilting front ... 

in the mean time ..

Happy Quilting!

Tuesday 22 November 2011

Brit Quilt Swap - Pillow Fight

I finished by BQS Pillow Fight cushion a couple of weeks ago, (all bar the label which I only did yesterday!)

So today it was all wrapped and taken to the local post office and  left in the capable hands of the Royal Mail. 

I do hope my partner is happy with it. 

I also got another package sent  :) 

And whilst I was busy at the bottom of the garden the post man called at my house, fortunately my neighbour took pity on me ...

all beautifully wrapped, this little lovely arrived from Helen, Archie the Wonder Dog!

This is such a beautiful cushion, and I just love it!  I am so glad Helen chose those beautiful batiks, and ignored my love of chartreuse! (the chocolate was delicious -  mmmmm!)

It fits in so well, on the bench .. 

and look, I already have a quilt to match!

right at home on my chair!

My Modern Christmas Table Runner is on it's way too, more of that tomorrow...

and today, despite the dark dismal wet weather I got quilting done, and yesterday I had a finish! 

I got my mojo back!

Happy Quilting!

Sunday 13 November 2011

Vegging out ...

... out of the ground that is, I ventured to the allotment and lifted some leeks, carrots and parsnips, oh and grabbed a red onion just for good measure,  needless to say lunch was delicious!

There was more of this ....

LOTS more!

and I promised you better pics of this yesterday  ...

I am so pleased with the stitching, the Valdani Perle is just wonderful

Thank you Tina for reminding me of the value of the needle  :)

feeds my soul :)

and then there was a little more quilting on this ...

not as much as I'd hope, but progress, and that's always good. 

Happy Quilting!

Saturday 12 November 2011

Christmas QAL - Part 3 - The late Edition!

Yes, I know it's late, but I am home alone ...

so I went back out to the bottom of the garden having started this before tea, the stitching I did whilst watching Strictly....

and I'm pretty pleased with it, if I do say so myself!

the stitchery made all the difference (imho)
(not very good pics, it is dark you know!  I'll get some better ones tomorrow, promise!)

Thanks to THIS tutorial  :) 

and now I know how, I can do more! 

Christmas QAL - Part 2

Well It's been a busy day, the Teenage Diva did what all teenage girls do, took herself out to town with her friends, came home for a quick grab of a bag and has gone off for a sleepover!

So, I've been asked about Medlars, hmm, a very old, neh ancient fruit, that cannot be eaten until it has bletted, (read as rotten) 

Not the prettiest of fruit, in fact, it has some really rather disgusting names, but we won't go into that.  You can get an insight into the medlar here.

after a bit of boiling, and passing through a jelly bag (muslin) it can be turned into the most delicious jelly...

and these ones are destined for Christmas presents ... Woohooo! 
I have another batch ready for jelly making ... probably in the morning now....

so onto the sewing ....

My plan is to finish this top, a commission quilt that I really need to get done and dusted

the sort of commission quilt that your mother sets you up for!

but I did make good progress ...

this is about 60" x 80" limited by the size of the backing fabric, in so much as that's all there is and it's just going to do a quilt that size!  And it was the only thing the lady liked!

I also got a couple more of my scrap blocks made ...

Now that feels much better getting back into the swing of things  :)
speaking of which. Strictly has just started, so if you'll excuse me, I'll be back much later for a late evening round up! 

Christmas is coming!

So I better get a move on get myself ready for a day full of Christmas stitching for the Christmas Quilt Along with Sue over at Quilt times

I've got medlar jelly on the go, and few other goodies planned for the day ....  so come back later and see what they are.


Friday 11 November 2011

In Remembrance

Lest we forget

Tuesday 1 November 2011


Gone in a flash!

I blinked I think!

I think I slowed down in October, there were Moo Cards for Quilting Prolifically - a quilting service
Strawberries to be harvested
baking of course!
a dumpling bag
major fabric purchases
Pearoom block of the month
Brit Quilt Swap - Pillow Fight
Modern Christmas Table Runner
Ghastlies sewing machine cover
Brit Bee blocks for Laura Jane

it feels like October came and went with the sunrise and the sunsetting

and then one of my quilts was featured on the Banner of Sew We Quilt

here's to a productive November :)

I'm linking this up with Lynnes Fresh Sewing Day ...
Fresh Sewing Day

if you get a chance head on over and see what everyone else has been busy with in October :)
Happy Quilting!