Sunday 30 August 2009

Pay It Forward (PIF)

Have you seen the movie 'Pay It Forward'? It's one of my favourites! If you have, you know how PIFs work, random acts of selfless kindness given to 3 people, with no expectation of anything in return.

Well I'm going to be the recipient of a PIF from Greg, who in turn is receiving something from Rosa.

So if you fancy receiving something handmade from me, and are prepared to pay it forward, then please leave a comment. The first 3 will be the lucky people!

Now, as you know, I've been a little incapacitated lately, so it will take a week or two to get them made for you. I'm sure you won't mind though!

Saturday 29 August 2009

from bits ... to Blocks

I've made a little progress. All the bits were sewn together...

Then paired up ...

After the pairs of pairs were introduced to each other, I now have 2o blocks! Yaaay!

They do need trimming and squaring up, then laying out to decide on the final setting. But, as much as my living room floor is great for this, I just can't get down there at the moment. Well I could. but you just know its gonna do you no good and it sure isn't gonna be pretty! LOL
So now to look for something else to sew into blocks. At least later in the year I'll be able to have a real flourish of finishes! (grin)
Happy Quilting

Monday 24 August 2009

And finally...

some sewing!

On Saturday, with the prospect of being home alone, I asked my partner to bring in my sewing machine to the living room. There is a great oak side unit that stands at least waist height to me, (yes I'm somewhat vertically challenged!) and with the machine set up on this it's a perfect height for me to stand and sew. (grin!) Can you tell I'd been thinking about this over the past few week?

So here she is all ready to go!
I thought I'd carry on with these, that I'd started to hand piece. And yes, although it's quicker by machine, it just wasn't doing it. With plenty of warnings from friends to take it easy, not over do it ... you get my drift. I did some more ,in batches of fours. But I confess I got bored!
So way back, I'd done a load of this, which had been cut for a project, and started. I hadn't got this as far along as I'd hoped before my little vacation on the NHS. And there really isn't a great deal left to do so I have all the blocks pieced.

So today, whilst I was home not quite alone, I put on the next pile of pieces.

Was very careful with the iron. (Supervised by my 12 year old daughter LOL)
And paired them up with the next piece in the puzzle.

Tomorrow is a new day, as long as my back doesn't grumble (and with plenty of rest breaks), I see these in my very near future again!

Boy it feels good to be sewing again, just a little :o)

Sunday 23 August 2009

Shopping by Proxy ...

... at The Festival of Quilts!
... OK, so I couldn't go this year, but that doesn't mean I didn't get a little shopping in! C'mon! Its the biggest quilt event in the UK, I had friends who were more than willing to spend my money for me.

So what did I buy, I hear you ask? Well... for my red phase ...
As well as some Aurifil threads, and this beautiful Oakshott, hand loomed cotton, great colour don't you think? It's called 'Lettuce' and I just love it, so much so it was top of my shopping list.

This is from Hannah's Room, 40 x 10" squares of awesome batiks. Yummy!

Some more Batik, although this is from my friend Jean, she had half of the blue/tangerine that arrived last week, so this is a swap! And a couple of FQs of orange, just because ... well you know how it is! (grin)

Lastly, no trip is complete without a couple of books to whet the appetite! Watch this space!Not bad shopping by proxy, and this all came with change too!

Friday 21 August 2009

And another week passes me by ...

The postman called again! I know, I'm sure I do already have enough, but... what can I say ... I've sort of entered a red phase, and maybe my love of batiks hasn't run it's course yet! LOL

And then the postman called again!
I got two quilts prepared, packaged and delivered for the Harrogate Quilt Show.
And because I've entered that red phase, I just had to start something new, but I've discovered, big or small, hand quilting laying down just isn't easy! Have you tried it?

And then the postman called again! This is a book I already own, but V over at Bumble Beans was delving into one of her own inspirational books and asked the question of what books inspire you? Well, for me it's this one. A blend of quilting techniques based on antiques from around the world. Now out of print, I was lucky enough to track down a copy for V to covet of her own. It now needs to be repackaged and fly it's way over to NYC, to nestle amongst her other treasures.

So having answered the question already, what book most inspires you in your quilting?

Happy quilting!

Wednesday 12 August 2009

It's like Christmas ...

I guess that's the drawback of all this time on my hands, I can browse to my hearts content, only its Sooooooo easy to press that 'Confirm Order' button. Still, there has to be some pleasure in all this laying about! Surely?

So the postman has been calling, and I've had most of my packages from the States, I confess there may be a few more to come...
these are destined for backings ... well that's the plan!
And don't you just love the way they are carefully wrapped with a 2 1/2" bow, such a lovely touch, and free fabric too!

Another backing..

I couldn't resist these Amy Butler fabrics...

So fresh!
Hang on .... its the postman at the door again! (Bad girl!)
Happy quilting!

Sunday 9 August 2009

Sewing ... of sorts!

I thought it was about time I showed you just what I have been up to, on this slow road to recovery. Now don't go getting yourself all excited .... this prolific quilter feels like she's stuck in a stagnant pool, trying to wade through treacle!
This is my tray of goodies, everything I need all in one place, good job too!

This is my first block, hand pieced, I'd forgotten just how slow this was! I haven't done hand piecing for .... oooh, maybe %@!!!! years! Yes, that long!! LOL
This is my progress so far. Not much to show after 2 days of sewing (horizontally I might add!). And I confess, I got bored of the slow progress, so I turned to my old faithful wholecloth! Now we're talking!

The colour is a bit pale, it's definitely a pale peach colour. Lots left to do on it, should keep me quiet and out of trouble for a bit!
That's the problem with having so much time on your hands, not only do you become complacent, but the opportunity to play and browse the Internet is just too tempting. I'm now waiting for the postman to deliver my packages!

Happy Quilting!

Monday 3 August 2009

Now what am I going to do?

This is Basket Case, finished. Quilt number 4 done in my great plan, with the prospect of the next four weeks still flat on my back, ....

Now what am I going to do? ...... any reasonable suggestions, sitting is out of the question, so no machine sewing! Perhaps my ongoing whole cloth will get a little more attention! (started in 2002!)

Happy Quilting!

Saturday 1 August 2009

Finishes ...

Although I joke about laying around doing nothing all day long, it's hard not to really. I have been busy sewing on bindings. These are my finishes so far...

This is the African Challenge quilt, do you like the batik backing?

I've been working on this Stack 'n Whack quilt for a couple of years, its nice to have it done at last. The backing is a Kaffe Fasset I got at a show at a real bargain price! I love its vibrancy, don't you?

And finally, my Amy Butler quilt from the Old Red Barn Sew Along. The soft blue backing was just so right for the fresh front. With Lime binding to finish it all off. This one's heading for my bed in the very near future!

The plan to do these bindings whilst I languished in bed was great, except there was one great flaw in the plan ... I failed to get out the matching threads ready! So my very dear friend Jean had to pad down and out to my sewing room, rummage through the chaos to find the threads so we could match them up. Just a minor hitch, but one I shall learn frm nevertheless :o)

I'm working on quilt number 4 at the moment!

Happy Quilting!

And another Giveaway!

Amy over at ParkCityGirl is having a giveaway of her pattern for this cool tote bag she has designed. Isn't it great! She has also been hosting a zigzag sew along, which has been great to follow on Flicker, although I didn't take part this time round, I'm looking forward to the next one, they're such fun. Please tell her I sent you :o)