Friday 21 August 2009

And another week passes me by ...

The postman called again! I know, I'm sure I do already have enough, but... what can I say ... I've sort of entered a red phase, and maybe my love of batiks hasn't run it's course yet! LOL

And then the postman called again!
I got two quilts prepared, packaged and delivered for the Harrogate Quilt Show.
And because I've entered that red phase, I just had to start something new, but I've discovered, big or small, hand quilting laying down just isn't easy! Have you tried it?

And then the postman called again! This is a book I already own, but V over at Bumble Beans was delving into one of her own inspirational books and asked the question of what books inspire you? Well, for me it's this one. A blend of quilting techniques based on antiques from around the world. Now out of print, I was lucky enough to track down a copy for V to covet of her own. It now needs to be repackaged and fly it's way over to NYC, to nestle amongst her other treasures.

So having answered the question already, what book most inspires you in your quilting?

Happy quilting!


Greg said...

I really don't have a book that inspires me, I draw from what others are doing. Sometimes is just a simple picture, like above, that gets my creativity slowing.

QuiltSue said...

I was beginning to be worried about you as you hadn't posted for a while, but I see why now - all your computer time has been spent shopping! Love the look of the batiks. I don't think I have an "inspirational" book, but I do think I need one at the moment to help me get my quilting kick-started again. I haven't been near my machines for a couple of months now.

Debi R said...

It's good to read that you are up and working a bit. Wishing you easy and pain free progress!

Re: your question: Alex Anderson's "Hand Quilting."
It's a must for learning to hand quilt on a hoop or frame or just in your lap!

My next purchase will be her "Machine Quilting."

Her books are easy reads with easy to follow instructions and great tips. I just can't go wrong with any of her books.