Monday 24 August 2009

And finally...

some sewing!

On Saturday, with the prospect of being home alone, I asked my partner to bring in my sewing machine to the living room. There is a great oak side unit that stands at least waist height to me, (yes I'm somewhat vertically challenged!) and with the machine set up on this it's a perfect height for me to stand and sew. (grin!) Can you tell I'd been thinking about this over the past few week?

So here she is all ready to go!
I thought I'd carry on with these, that I'd started to hand piece. And yes, although it's quicker by machine, it just wasn't doing it. With plenty of warnings from friends to take it easy, not over do it ... you get my drift. I did some more ,in batches of fours. But I confess I got bored!
So way back, I'd done a load of this, which had been cut for a project, and started. I hadn't got this as far along as I'd hoped before my little vacation on the NHS. And there really isn't a great deal left to do so I have all the blocks pieced.

So today, whilst I was home not quite alone, I put on the next pile of pieces.

Was very careful with the iron. (Supervised by my 12 year old daughter LOL)
And paired them up with the next piece in the puzzle.

Tomorrow is a new day, as long as my back doesn't grumble (and with plenty of rest breaks), I see these in my very near future again!

Boy it feels good to be sewing again, just a little :o)


Greg said...

YEAH!!!! Thats some great looking work. Looking forward to seeing more.

QuiltSue said...

Woohoo, you're sewing again. Take care though and don't overdo it.

Kim said...

Nice turquise.
You know I made the mystery ( Christmas lights)
with the info from the web site.
Its all there in clue #1 , then clue #2 I just put the pieces together from the picture posted at Quiltmaker's site. And I'm guessing clue #3 will be the layout of the blocks........oh I do hope its not another on the diagonal that Bonnie is so fond of.
Happy sewing, hope your back gets better.