Tuesday 17 May 2011

Sleeping Beauty

Today you can find me here! 

You'll get to see the 'back' of this quilt! 
(yes, that one you can just see on the Teenage Diva's bed!)

I risk my life posting this photo, I hope she doesn't read this!  lol

Happy Tuesday!  I hope you enjoy Story Time!

Sunday 15 May 2011

Sunday Round-up

It's another Sunday already!  But it's been a busy one for sure!

I got the Bricks top pieced....

Pattern by Amy Smart from Diary of a Quilter, get yours here!
Fabrics It's a Hoot by Momo for Moda.

Honestly this pattern is so easy, and if you get yourself a chunk of time, can be pieced in a day. 

I also go the Bee block for Pea Room Quilters made in readiness for our meeting tomorrow evening.

And I caught up on the Christmas Quilt Along Sassy Stars...

Block 3 ....

Block 4....

Progress so far in the quilt along ....

And whilst I was rummaging for the fabrics for the Pea Room Bee blocks I found this little nugget...

The colour is really off, definitely a dark green, but really ?  Yup that selvedge reads 1998!  I'm sure I have older fabric than that!  The challenge will be to find something older!  LOL

How old is your oldest fabrics?

Oh and in other news, I got my swap partner details for the British Quilt Swap! 
Now I'm afraid, very afraid! 

Happy Quilting!

Saturday 14 May 2011

Christmas Quilt Along #3

 We had tea, and I laid out my blocks (such that they are!)

Then I played a little with that ribbon...

yes, THAT ribbon!  lol

One little mug rug, possibly for Christmas, possibly not!

Have you been checking up on everyone else?  That's my next stop!

Time for bed, but I'll be back at it tomorrow to finish off that top, in the mean time,

Happy Quilting!

May Christmas Quilt Along #2

It's going well...

I've cut ....

sewn up a right mess ....

and now I'm pressing (and trimming where necessary)

And I've just had a lovely idea for that Union Jack ribbon!

Be back later!

May Christmas Quilt Along

It's that time again,  for the Christmas Quilt Along hosted by Sue at Quilt Times.  I'm a little late to the party, after some chores and taking the Teenage Diva into town for new school shoes (hair suitably pulled out!) I'm now ready to go sew at the bottom of the garden  :)

So this is what I'll be working with....

With this pattern...

and I'm hoping to do a little creative sewing with one of these...

So, come back later and see how I'm getting on!

Happy Quilting!

Sunday 8 May 2011

Sunday Catchup!

I feel like I've really neglected my blog and all of you lovely readers, you know how it its ....
... Life!

School holidays, Easter, Royal Wedding, May Bank Holiday, horrible lurgy thing...

... but in between all of that I extended my frame to 10' (thanks to Martha!) and managed to get this mahoooosive piece quilted for a dear friend. 

I also got a little package in the mail!  All the way from here!

Mmmmm, made me all Giddy! 

I made a little gift for a friend, she may or may not receive it this week in the mail...

You know how the old post office advert went, 'I saw this and thought of you!'
And yes...

... a ruffle! All done by hand and lots of pins!

There was plenty of cutting for bees .... these below are for the Many Jeans, we are meeting again tomorrow so I await to see how they all got on.

And the Giddy, well that got sent off to all the lovely Calendar Girls of the Brit Bee!

I can't show you my blocks, we are keeping them secret till they have all been received. Then I will give you the big reveal  :)

I finally got my Double Delight quilted

Pattern is by Bonnie Hunter and was her mystery quilt for 2008, and whilst I kept up with the quilt along, I have put off quilting the top until I was more confident on my frame.  Bonnie quite frequently uses the baptist fan pattern for her quilting, and whilst I love this, the limitations of working on a 9" harp makes this quite a challenge.  I wanted to do a mixture of baptist fans and feathers...

Not too bad, and would definitely do this again.

As much as I have plenty of (really too many) projects on the go, I just got a hankering to start something new!  I've been musing Hexagon Park over for some time, and Lynne of Lilys Quilts and I had a discussion about using Arcadia for it.  Well it was time to jump in!

I've just got the pieced border to add, it's all cut and ready to go!

Speaking of that clever lady Lynne, she came up with a blinder of a pattern in celebration of the Royal Wedding.  Part of the challenge was to be unafraid of colour.  Not something I'm known for!  lol

And sitting in my stash has been these half meter cuts of Heather Bailey Pop Garden ...

you like?

And so here is the little project, only 22" x 29" so just a little Double Fat Jack!  I have a few more to go.

And whilst making the DFJ, I dug these out, just for Lynz to oggle at some more!


Happy Quilting!

Saturday 7 May 2011

Great Giveaway!

I MUST tell you about Judiths Giveaway on her blog Neddles and Lemons.  You are going to want to go take a peek, but please don't enter, I really NEED to win!  Honestly, a chance to some of the DS fabirc line that is taking the US by storm at Joannes ...  if only we had them here!

And while you are there, take a good look around, especially at Judiths quilts, really, she has only been quilting for a year!  Way to go Judith! 

Happy Quilting!

Sunday 1 May 2011

WoooHooo! Guess What!

I've been featured in the Sew We Quilt at Stash Manicure Blog

You don't know how excited I am!

With just a little Dandelion Girl  :)

Happy Quilting!