Thursday 30 July 2009


Head over to Rachel's blog, she is having a giveaway. But don't let that stop you having a good read, she has some great posts and cool tutorials too!

Happy Quilting!

Flowers ...

Whilst I may not be able to get outside and enjoy the flowers in my garden and the fruits of my labour from my allotment, my friends and colleagues have made up for it, that's for sure!

These were picked from the allotment the week before I went into hospital, my Grandad grew Sweet Williams on his allotment, I just love the smell of them, along with these clove scented Carnations too. Who says it has to be all vegetables grown down there!
My DS had his 16th birthday just after I was home, how lovely to receive these from him!
I was thrilled and honoured to receive these beauties from my neighbour's little boy, he is about three and a half years old,and such a cutie too! Aren't the scrumptious?
More from a very dear quilting friend...

And this gorgeous riot of colourful inspiration from my dear friends at the 'Many Jeans' quilting group.

This morning (at 8.30 am whilst still considering the bright sunshine through heavy sleeping eyelids ) these arrived from my friends and colleagues at work.

Needless to say they haven't all arrived in one go, which is lucky as I don't own that many vases!

Thursday 23 July 2009


... and exhale! I made it through a brief spell in hospital, having had some major surgery on my spine. Now its a slow raod to recovery, and that plan can start. I have found a way to prop the laptiop up next to me, so as I lay here flat on my back I can still read all your blogs, and still feel connected to both my blogland friends and the outside world. The plan is to get those bindings sewn on, and the hanging sleeves for two quilts that are to go to a show later this year.

Well, that was the plan, but one of the pile has already been bound and labelled and given to a friend as a birthday gift. It was all done in such a rush I didn't have time to take any pics of the finished quilt. So, Donna, if you would like to e-mail me, I'd love to post a pic fir everyone!

I'll bribe someone to take pics as I finish each quilt so I can let you know mt progress :o)

Wishing you all a special summer and Happy Quilting!

ps. Charlie, you must let me know how to do a signature, .....please :o)

Thursday 16 July 2009

Taking a break..

... from blogging for a few days, hope to be back next week to tell you all about a birthday present given earlier today. Hope you have a happy birthday :o)

Sunday 12 July 2009

Sunday Evening

Saturday I spent cutting, this is from a jelly roll made up by my LQS, and will turn into, I'm sure, a really pretty quilt from a recent book I purchased thanks to Magnolia Bay Quilt Blog. I also got the blue strips trimmed down to all the right sizes for the planned pattern. I even stripped and squared up the scraps and they have even made it to the storage boxes. Good eh?I also liberated my orange,pink and umber batiks, I'm not sure which pattern they are for yet, but the pile of fabric is much smaller now. I got sidetracked by a pattern currently on Moda Bake Shop, I have my charm packs laid out ready for sew together.

I started the quilting on the Amy Butler quilt, and today I finished it. I also got the binding made and sewn on ready to be hand sewn down on the back.

A busy weekend, that actually felt very relaxing. I even managed a few domestic goddess chores too. How good is that! (The late evening sunshine was a welcome bonus)

Happy Quilting! :o)

Saturday 11 July 2009

Oh, And....this too!

I managed to get the backing made and now have the Amy Butler quilt from the Old Red Barn Sew Along, loaded up onto the frame ready for quilting.
Happy Days!

Friday 10 July 2009

The week so far...

Four quilts, four bindings, 2 hanging sleeves attached, one hanging sleeve ready to attach to Blue French Braid quilt. All waiting for the quiet contemplation of recovery.


The allotment yielded the perfect cauliflower! It was delicious!
Play date with my dear friend, Jean, resulted in these three blocks. From BlackBird Desings blog, they are doing a sew along. I wasn't going to take part, but its just such a lovely pattern, I couldn't resist. You must check out their blog.

Shopping! I love therapy! Jean and I spent a happy hour or two at the LQS.


Playtime! I'm cutting for another quilt, do you like the colours. I cut extras while I was at it. I need 51 strips of med/dark, I was surprised to find I could cut most of these from yardage, scraped a handful from previously cut strips, and only one from FQs. I think its time I liberated some of these batiks! Don't ya think?

I had hoped to get this little lot sub cut ready to sew, but its been a busy week!
Lets see what the weekend brings : o)

Happy Quilting!

Friday 3 July 2009

Operation Binding Postponed!

Operation Binding, my task is to bind the four quilts recently off the frame before I go into to hospital for surgery. The surgery is postponed for a couple of weeks, yeay, more sewing time. So the challenge for this weekend is to get the binding on those babies, so I have some hand work other than my wholecloth when I'm out. This is quilt number four, Basket Case. I should thank Matt Sparrow, Manquilter, for the inspiration for the quilting design. He really is an amaizing quilter, check him out quilting live at Quilcetera.

So with this reprieve on the hospital stay, I've sent off my entries to the Harrogate quilt show, I can get more done down on the allotment, and carry on quilting. I'm really tempted to start something new, but I still have so many projects on the go. Decisions, decisions...... What would you do?