Thursday 30 July 2009

Flowers ...

Whilst I may not be able to get outside and enjoy the flowers in my garden and the fruits of my labour from my allotment, my friends and colleagues have made up for it, that's for sure!

These were picked from the allotment the week before I went into hospital, my Grandad grew Sweet Williams on his allotment, I just love the smell of them, along with these clove scented Carnations too. Who says it has to be all vegetables grown down there!
My DS had his 16th birthday just after I was home, how lovely to receive these from him!
I was thrilled and honoured to receive these beauties from my neighbour's little boy, he is about three and a half years old,and such a cutie too! Aren't the scrumptious?
More from a very dear quilting friend...

And this gorgeous riot of colourful inspiration from my dear friends at the 'Many Jeans' quilting group.

This morning (at 8.30 am whilst still considering the bright sunshine through heavy sleeping eyelids ) these arrived from my friends and colleagues at work.

Needless to say they haven't all arrived in one go, which is lucky as I don't own that many vases!


QuiltSue said...

There's some fantastic flowers there, and when I looked at some of them I could see some great quilt colour schemes!