Sunday 20 February 2011

Sunday Already?

How did that happen?  Is it just me, or is this year flying by already?   Oh well, I better get a move on finishing some more things  :)

I've been taking part in a fabric postcard swap on Facebook  (remember those quilted heart postcards), and these are the postcards I've received so far ...

From Kylie in Oz

from Janetta in Utah

from Sherri in Mission, SD

I was at the LQS earlier in the week, and I had to fight these beauties to stop them jumping into my bag... lol

I lost the fight!


And these gorgeous teacups ...

Yesterday I had a little play with some spot, stripes and checks...

These are for V, over at Bumblebeans, as part of a 15 Minutes of Play challenge ...

Pretty eh?  I have to get these babies in the mail along with something extra  :)

And today, after spending way too long reading blogs and roaming the web, I felt it was time to cut up this beauty...

I have a (another) plan!

but I just couldn't do it!  This is as far as I got ... Lol 
So I rolled them back up, tied them back with ribbon and put them back on the table to continue to inspire me!

Instead I got round to making my blocks for the Christmas Quilt Along ...

And I forgot to show you what I was doing at the LQS this month...

... everyone else was making a bag, and as you know (you may not) I'm not really a bag lady, so I decided to do an alternative project.  I wasn't the only one, Mary was doing something else too!  :)

This will be a journal cover for my diary ...

this will give you a better idea of what I was doing   :)

Sew, not as productive as I'd like, and Nancy has already announced which UFO we are working on next month (#4 on my list) sew I better get a move on and finish the quilting of my #8 whilst we are still in February!

Hope you've all had a wonderful weekend!

Happy Quilting!

Saturday 19 February 2011

quick catch-up

Busy, tiring, trying week....  so a quick catch up!

I got two journal covers made last weekend  :)

finished 8 postcards ready for a swap...

Got my Holiday Hoops quilt top finished, (but forgot to take it down and with me for the class on Tuesday - Oops)

I got the Block made for Pea Room Quilter done, a tad too busy I think after seeing Mary's

finished my mug rug for the Scrappy Mug Rug Swap 3

the back

And got it all packaged up with some goodies and in the post.  My partner should be getting it any day now :)  I hope she likes it!

It's been a lovely day, met up with Friends for lunch to say a final Bon Voyage to our dear friend Sandy who is finally off to French France.  Had a wonderful exchange of e-mails with a delightful blogging friend, a great way to start the day, thank you :)  And this evening an unexpected call from my brother, who although we pass e-mails every now and then, I hadn't actually spoken to in probably 10 years! 

Yes, today was a good day! 

Happy Quilting!

Saturday 12 February 2011

Christmas Quilt Along (February) part deaux

OK, I had a good day!  Not all Christmas related, but things I had to get done today!

So I finished quilting a stack of these into postcards, they are drying at the moment and will be finished off tomorrow ready for posting on Monday.  (deadline day!)  Phew!

I got my Scrappy Mug Rug pieced and quilted, I just have to find the binding fabric and complete it ready for posting on Monday (deadline day!) 

Do you see a theme coming here?

This is the back, the recipient has a thing for Hope Valley fabrics and these tiniest scraps are from some Bees Knees blocks I did last year. 

And then I moved onto Christmas...

I've been playing with the scraps I received from Glen last year, and had a plan ...

I've been playing with the scraps to make bigger chunks of fabrics, but just sticking to greens and blacks, as I found a strip of these in her scraps.  They definitely caught my imagination!

I always saw some of these scraps turned into journal covers...

and I delved into my own scraps for the lining and inside sleeves.  I'm thrilled with how this one turned out, and have some more scraps cut ready for another little notebook along the same lines as this. 

A start to my Christmas planning that's for sure!  Thanks to Sue and Cathi for keeping us all on track and getting ahead on the 'C' word!

My plan for tomorrow? Finish the postcards (trimming and zig zagging, and writing ready to post)
Complete another little journal cover,
Complete the Scrappy Mug Rug and get it all packaged up ready for sending,
and finish my Holiday Hoops quilt from my class at the LQS ( we are back there this Tuesday so I better get it done!) 

Happy Quilting! 

Christmas already?

No, please, don't panic, but I'm taking part in Quilt Times Christmas Quilt along.  I'm a little late to the party and haven't got my act together yet, but have a few journal covers I want to get done this weekend as a head start for Christmas. 

I have a few other things on the go too, but Shhhh, we won't talk about those just yet, and because I can't leave you without a pic, I thought I'd show you what else has been happening around here lately...

Lots and lots of folding ...

And I found some real beauties to play with too!

Have you been into the dark side of your stash lately?  You know, the bit that hasn't seen day light for a long time!

Right back to Christmas!

Tuesday 1 February 2011

UFO #3 - Finished! And a question ...

Well, I finished my January UFO #3 in the nick of time!  Nothing like last minute, I finished the binding yesterday afternoon!  Yay!!!  I present to you, Anita's Arrowhead blocks quilt....

I think this one might have to go on the bed tonight!  hehe!

So for February my UFO is #8, this pastel stars quilt, which I loaded onto the frame, gave the machine a spruce up, clean and oil, and she's ready to go. 

What I realised today, working in my Happy Daize Studio was that I need never have my frame empty again!  It is so great to have all the equipment I need in one place! 

Speaking of equipment, one thing I've never had is a design wall, though my living room floor made for a fantastic space to lay out and create. 

So my intention is to turn this wall into a design wall....

So here's the thing, I'm thinking polystyrene sheets propped up against the wall covered with wadding (batting) or a flannel sheet, or even both.  The slight angle of propping will hopefully stop things falling off. 

How have you made your design wall?  What would you recommend?  I'd love to hear your thoughts, either leave me a comment here or e-mail, either way, make sure I can reply  :)

A also had a little play tonight ....

but I can't show you too much .... not yet anyway!

Happy Quilting!