Friday 28 February 2014

and for my next trick!

A Friday Finish!

What another one I hear you say! 

Yes indeedy!

this little secret had been hanging around since the beginning on January, 
when on a whim, yes really, I tackled the Fat Quarter Shop, Layer Cake Lemonade pattern,

in fact I did 2! 

This one was always going to be a gift, which is why I tried not to post too many pictures of it on instagram.   (i'm trudi_wood if you're looking for me)  

anyway ...

if you've not tried the pattern, it goes together really quick,
honestly, like an hour or so quick!

and I have bound this and gifted it to its expectant recipient

who, funnily enough, didn't eat any cake that day! 

So, now this lives with Ange, who is expected to be slimmer next time I see her, with baby in tow too! 

So, that's another off my FAL Qtr 1 list! 

and Like I said yesterday, there may be a few more!  

let just say I have 3 quilted, I am stitching binding down on!  

Thursday 27 February 2014

no slacking round here!

Oh No!

Ive been finishing quilts you know!

This was on my finish along list

This little quilt was given to me to quilt up for Project Linus

it was the second quilt I put on the new frame

and I had a great deal of fun!

and I'm pleased to say it is now finished and has been gifted to Project Linus, Lincolnshire.

So that's another one off my FAL Qtr 1 list!

and I may have a few more to follow too! 

just sayin!

Wednesday 19 February 2014

back to work

So after the short interlude and the disruption of the delivery
Its back to work

so, I've been teaching a beginners course at Stitchcraft Studio in Grantham

and my students have made great progress

this is from a class I taught last July

and a Take Twenty Class

Sandra was on my first beginners course and has finished her runner and has been used all through Christmas, she has also gone on to make plenty of other things too! 

and these are some of the fabrics being used on the Contraflow class

and if you are interested, there's a new page with where you can find me, teaching, talking that sort of thing.  If you're interested in me coming to do a class for your quilting group or a talk, please let me know. 

In addition, it was back to the customer quilts

and what a difference!

I managed to get this one basted, using a water soluble thread on top and Superior Bottom Line in the bobbin, though the 4 oz poyester wadding was a nightmare, not something I will repeat

and there were 2 of these beuaties

all over feathers on both, with Superior So Fine in white, and off white bottom line in the bobbin.  
and then I loaded this pretty

I used Superior Rainbows thread in Bubble Gum Pink, 
such a perfect description of a colour!

so I'm back in the saddle, and loving every minute of it!

There have been a few more, but I'll save the ones I can show you for another day!

Tuesday 18 February 2014

Pea Room Quilters Block of the Month

I can't believe its been so long!

So for all the lovely Pea Room ladies here are the blocks for February 

All blocks are 12" finished and instructions can be found at

This first one is Morning Star 2 

and the second Solomon's Star

Normal service in form of a catch up to follow shortly :)