Friday 26 December 2014

Talking Half Hexi's

Today I'm talking Half Hexi's over on the Sizzix Blog

and Friendship braids to be more accurate.

This little cushion was snuck in between all the final customer Quilts and Christmas preparations earlier this week.  

I hope you'll pop on over and take a look at the other side and see how to make those cute little braids too!

Thursday 25 December 2014

Merry Christmas!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas
a Happy Creative New Year!

from my home to all of yours

Wednesday 24 December 2014

Just in case you hadn't heard ....

one of the reasons I have been absent, is that the quilting business has been really busy. 

I was thrilled to be asked way back in the summer to put some time aside for my lovely friend Katy for some secret stuff.  

Turns out it was quite a big deal, and I am so proud to have done my bit to help her take her new line of fabrics Priory Square for Art Gallery Fabrics to Quilt Market! 

So I just did the quilting, and the brief as always, was just a simple all over.
But this was for Market!  Really, the world and his wife was going to be there! 

So, this is what I did ...

the big quilt, well, it was all about the fabrics, so they never got quilted, but I made sure the quilting made them stand out with really tight little feather swirls in the background. 

I stuck with the theme, I know Katy loves feathers, and when this one arrived...

I just knew that a big feather heart would be perfect!

It was so much more visible from the back, and I am thrilled that it is also visible in the Look Book too!

There was also a small baby quilt ...

and the Voile in the center ....  oh so very soft!

The other news I had was there was to be a thread collection with Aurifil too! 

So I rustled up a cushion to go with the big quilt.

Thanks to Jacqui at Hantex for sending me fabrics so I could finish it off!

I also was asked by Jacqui to do a banner of some sort for Katy's booth
I was sent the marketing images to go from. 

So in true last minute style I decided to go big or go home, 

I printed the main image out onto fabric sheets, but poster size, instead of the A4 image I had 
joined up the sheets

loaded her up and quilted the heck out of her!

its hard to see, but those really are tiny little feather swirls

I put an invisible binding on the quilt to finish it off right at the edge of the print

This was a total surprise for Katy she had no idea I was doing this, and I have to say, I was the proudest person in the world to see photos of my little piece of Priory Square showing up on Instagram during Market.  

Another of those moments where you know you stepped up and did good! 

you can read all about Katy's Market experience here and here

If you don't have any Priory Square yet, you really do need some in your life.  its now available in the UK shops, Simply Solids, The Village Haberdashery, Plush Addict to name but a few!

I hope its on your Christmas list!

This is not a sponsored blog post, it is purely me, loving what my friend does, and happy to be a small part of it :)