Saturday 29 June 2013

Claiming my blog

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Just claiming my blog on Bloglovin...

Be back real soon :)

Wednesday 26 June 2013

Knee deep ...

As you can tell, not much blogging going on, I've been a little busy on the quilting front, and have some tight deadlines to meet. With Fat Quarterly retreat fast approaching, time seems to be slipping through my fingers faster than sand right now!
So since I was lasted here this is some of what's been happening around these parts, and down the bottom of the garden ...

Done for a local lady, who was thrilled, I'm pleased to say!

I had great fun quilting this one up for Tiina of Tikki Patchwork, so if you are heading that way, have a look out for it in the shop, I'd love a picture :)

I managed to turn some practice pieces into postcards, and one may have been used already :)

It's a great way to use up up what would have otherwise been scraps. I must make more!

There was also a little free motion play at the Kitchen Guild, a fun day in Derbyshire marked as always with lots of tea and cake!

A little more quilting, no babies here, but a friends daughter is expecting her 2nd...

And the first of 3 charity quilts for Pea Room quilters, to be raffled off later this in aid of the British Heart Foundation

And then here was the Teenage Divas prom, best I save that wee nugget for another post!
So, forgive me for not adding links, I'm doing this way too late, and on my iPad, as I am having some issues with my laptop!
Time for some sleep! (before I wade back to the studio for more)
Happy quilting!

Monday 3 June 2013

oh Hello ...

Its been busy round these parts, gadding about here there and everywhere,

there's been quilting,

and then the icky lurgy arrived ... we're still negotiating its departure,
definitely outstayed its welcome!

but I did manage a finish

one on my FAL list for Q2 no less!

Those lovely Aurifil 12 wt Threads and that gorgeous Irish Linen ...

Quilted and bound,

and I spent a happy car journey sewing on buttons, 
we tried to go round the block several times so I could get it finished before we got to Susan's for the Brit Bee Meet Up ...

but have you tried sewing buttons on in the car!  

so I sat quietly stitching away, and the lovely lady who this was for arrived, 
and I was still stitching away .. .

but finally it was finished.

and I am delighted with it!

and the funny thing is, when I stood back and looked at the quilting, 
I had always planned to do feathers around a heart, 
but to me, all I could see was a set of Angel wings ...

and that is so very fitting for this cushion now resides down south with
a very special Angel friend indeed! 

So, despite being quiet around these parts, I have, wherever possible been busy.

so one more finish on my Q2 Finish Along List
(I do believe that is 4/7)