Tuesday 31 January 2012

Another Finish!

Yes!  That's 2, I said TWO finishes this year! 

and I might ask you to spot the difference! 

I give you Carolina Christmas
aka the Monster Quilt!

finished, done, and on the bed! 
Sorry, it was dark and no time for gratuitous, posing shots!

I started this one back in November 2009, designed by Bonnie K Hunter as one of her Mystery quilts, and in true Bonnie style, lots and lots  and lots of little pieces.  To be fair, the smallest piece is 2 1/2"  so not tinsy winsy. 

I got it to almost flimsy back in 2010, with the centre done, and then New Year 2011 I decided it's time had come.  I set to with the aim of finishing it. 

Finish the top I did, and I loved it so much I had to quilt it straight away!  No hanging around the studio with all the other tops for this baby ... no sireeee! 

With a serious dose of free hand feathers all over, with Superior King Tut thread on top and Superior So Fine in the bobbin, I am thrilled with the results . 

So back to the spot the difference ....

somebody may need a good talking too! 

Happy Quilting!

Monday 30 January 2012


... I can achieve a little more!

The housework got done, top and bottom, tidying and the dining room table almost surfaced again, almost!  And there was baking, and an quick hour of stitching ...

Oh Cherry Baby!

I finished piecing the centre square, and moved onto a quick layout of a couple of star points ...

he he, this one really makes me happy! 

and then I had to stop, make dinner and bung it in the oven, and head out to the quilting group for the afternoon...

but back to the baking....  Thanks to Susan's recipe ...

now known as Pulverised Lemon Drizzle cake!

Delicious Susan, thanks for sharing, it didn't last long! 

And tomorrow I have more!

Happy Quilting!

Sunday 29 January 2012

Sunday Sitrep

Sunday already again, how did that happen? 

Things are getting buy round here, and there will be a few changes coming ...

But you want to know what I've been up to really don't you?

Well I finished quilting this for a lovely lady ...

and delivered it,  I was very relieved that she loves the quilting I've done for her :) 

So whilst I was out, the LQS had it's annual sale, and these just happened to come home with me ...

I did get some more fabric, but that is for Pea Room BOM, so I'll save it for another day ...

So, because I got some more plain, I am now able to rearrange my fabric plans ...

so these are the fabrics for the Stained QAL about start being hosted by the wonderful Sarah ...

the plain was originally ordered with the 'Made in Cherry' QAL but it just didn't make me happy, so yesterday this teal came home with me, and now I'm definitely a happy quilter...

so Made in Cherry is on it's way!

I followed the advice and starched before I cut, and it is making a real difference ...

I also got another block for the Swoon along made ...

and I got the last block for Miss January of the Brit Bee, so I can get these babies sent back in the morning ...

It's turned cold again, and I was  craving a bit of comfort food, so today we dug out some fruit from the freezer,  and now I give you ...

Rhubarb and Raspberry crumble ...

delicious with custard!  That's better! 

Now about those changes, I've temporarily got some extra hours at work, so the stitching time is going to be more scarce, which requires some serious planning and organisation,  forgive me if I'm not back until next Sunday! 

Happy Quilting!

Thursday 26 January 2012


I've got a few things outstanding in the post, and one of them arrived today

I've been putting this into and taking it back out of my basket for at least ooh maybe a year!

But thanks to this lady's very convincing recommendation

It's here!

And I'm impressed, very impressed! 

Thanks Lynne!

Wednesday 25 January 2012

Winter Stitching List - Mid Winter Update

Apparently it's time to review 'The List!' 

So lets just get a nice cup of tea find a comfy seat so we can begin ...  ready? 

1. Finish and post on time Modern Christmas Table Runner Swap, deadline is mid November. Done!

I forgot to take a pic before I sent it off! 

2. Finish and post Brit Quilt Swap - Pillow Fight, again deadline is mid NovemberDone!

3. keep up with all the Brit Bee Blocks - :)   Yep, so far so good!

For Miss October ...

and Miss November (and she has finished it already, you should pop over and see it here if you haven't seen it already!

December break

Miss January, I have made one and still have the other to do, but it's ok, I still have time!

4. Complete some secret Christmas Gift sewing    Done!

This one was for my Mum

I ended up making a total of 10 of these, (yes, Madness!) one of which was a birthday present

The Teenage Diva requested this for her makeup ... and I am please to say, it is used, well worth letting go on some precious Amy Butler fabric for!

and specially requested for my partners' daughter ...

and I couldn't resist one for the man himself! 

I also made a pouch and decorated tea towels as part of the Brit Bee Secret Santa, but I seem to have not got any photo's of that either (note to self!)

And I made 2 sets of decorated tea towels for my Mum and the himselfs' Mum (another oops, sorry no photo!)

5 Finish at least one of my own quilts a month, whether it's a UFO or a new project.   Yep, seem to be doing this too!

October, Sewing machine cover as part of the Ghastlies blog hop ..

November, Double Delight Done!

December, Pick Four Done!

January, Liz's quilt - Done!

and just sewing the binding onto the Monster quilt, so that might be 2 for January!

6. Finish my own Brit Bee Quilt, I still have some blocks to piece  -  not touched yet!  (there's still time!)
7. Finish piecing Jacobs Ladder quilt - still plugging away at this one, it IS progressing
8. Finish piecing Happy Quilting Stars quilt - not touched it since before Christmas

9. Finish Commission Quilt No 1 - Done!

yes, this is one of those UFO's, it had been hanging around for over a year!  And she loves it!

10. Make good in roads into Commission Quilt No 2 - not started yet!
11. Catch up on the Brit Mystery Quilt - not touched it!
12. Finish Dresden quilt - not touched it!
13. Finish Sassy Christmas Stars - I just have borders to do!

14. Expand the Quilting Service business :) - it's coming along slowly, but I'd still like to update the blog header and create a page dedicated to it
15. Don't sign up any new swaps until the new year!Does Christmas day Sign ups count?  It didn't start until January :)  So I'm counting that as a Done!  So, that means as well as the Brit Bee commitments, I am now in the Around the Bend and Across the Seas (Ab Fab Free Bees) Round Robin, the Mouthy Stitches pouch swap, and there may also be a spring themed Scrappy Mug Rug coming up.  I also started the Swoon quilt along, have fabrics for Made in Cherry quilt along, and would really love to do Sarahs' Stained quilt along - over commited springs to mind! 

I know it was quite an ambitious list, but I make that 7 out of 15 done!  And with a couple of months to go, there is still time to make good progress on what's left on the list, but with 6 quilts to finish, that might be a few too many, even for me!  (even if it's just to finish piecing some of them)

So how are you doing?  Head on over to Sarah's blog for the Linky party to see how everyone else has been doing on their own lists. 

Right, time to go shut myself in the shed at the bottom of the garden - someone call me when it's spring!

Happy quilting!

Tuesday 24 January 2012

Let's Celebrate!


Oh, well... because today was a Great Mail Day! 

As good a reason as any right? and it may also be my Blogaversary today!

even the brown envelope was great!  Now when does that ever happen!

firstly there was this enormous package from Backstitch,  I am Soooooooo impressed

if you've not ordered from them, based on this order I highly recommend them

the Ice Frappe Klona is for my 'Made in Cherry' quilt, the rest is ... well, just because!  In fact I was sick of seeing that lovely stack of Eric McMorris all over blogland I could resist no more!    Well, it is my Blogaversary .... 

and the international package was from the equally wonderful Fat Quarter Shop ...

'The British are Coming' new from Michael Miller Fabrics - I knew I HAD to have some of this when I first saw it on the site ... and again, I'm not disappointed. 

so quite a pile of loveliness  :) 

Back to that blogaversary, did you know I've been writing in this corner of blogasphere for 3 years now?  Really, that long!  Even I'm a little shocked! 

So to all of you out there reading along, dipping in and out, and just looking from afar, thank you so much for stopping by, commenting, making laugh, I appreciate every single one of you.  You really do make my day! 

And the last couple of days I've been doing more of this, not mine, but thought you'd like to see it  :) 

I'll be back tomorrow linking up with Sarah for the Winter Stitching - Mid Winter Review - yup, that time already! 

Happy Quilting

Monday 23 January 2012

Monday already!

I know it's been a while, but I haven't had a lot to say ... sorry, I've just been a little distracted

I have been busy sewing the binding on the monster quilt ... almost there ...

there was some of these ...

and remember this ...

well, it was featured on the Fat Quarterly blog last week, so I can finally show you what it was all about

cute little pouch, free motioned with 28 wt Aurifil thread created fantastic texture to the fabric don't you think? 

this year I'm in charge of the Pea Room Block of the Month ...

There was a little bit of baking that involved this ...

ok, there may not have been any baking involved but there's still some in the fridge!

and on Christmas day the sign ups for the Old Red Barn Flickr spin off group Around the Bend and Across the Seas which is a sort of round robin ...

but free form ....

my starter block for our group the Ab Fab Free Bees,
there are several groups doing various forms of traditional rounds, rows and a couple of free form groups

and we decided we'd send a little journal to go along with the block on it's merry way round the world ...

I've done a bit of dabbling in scrap booking, and found all I needed in my secret craft store,  and blow me, I even have Amy Butler papers!

so that's me just about caught up, I have the second block for Miss January to finish for the Brit Bee, and am currently in the middle of quilting a quilt for somebody else,

and then I'd like to get on with my Swoon quilt and load up another of those UFOs

oh and I almost forgot this too ...

time I snapped out of this mental overload and did something more distracting ...

Happy Quilting!