Sunday 9 August 2009

Sewing ... of sorts!

I thought it was about time I showed you just what I have been up to, on this slow road to recovery. Now don't go getting yourself all excited .... this prolific quilter feels like she's stuck in a stagnant pool, trying to wade through treacle!
This is my tray of goodies, everything I need all in one place, good job too!

This is my first block, hand pieced, I'd forgotten just how slow this was! I haven't done hand piecing for .... oooh, maybe %@!!!! years! Yes, that long!! LOL
This is my progress so far. Not much to show after 2 days of sewing (horizontally I might add!). And I confess, I got bored of the slow progress, so I turned to my old faithful wholecloth! Now we're talking!

The colour is a bit pale, it's definitely a pale peach colour. Lots left to do on it, should keep me quiet and out of trouble for a bit!
That's the problem with having so much time on your hands, not only do you become complacent, but the opportunity to play and browse the Internet is just too tempting. I'm now waiting for the postman to deliver my packages!

Happy Quilting!


QuiltSue said...

Hand piecing? Yukk. Hand Quilting? Yesss. Love the wholecloth. What size will it be?

Tracey said...

Hi Trudi, wow for a convalescent you are very busy! Love it all. Don't overdo things ... especially on the net buying LOL! (Says she who has just had an idle couple of hours but managed to spend a fortune very quickly! ) Thanks very much for the comments on my blog btw. Take care and look after yourself!

Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

your hand quilting is amazing. How do you plan all that out? I really need to learn to be more creative when it comes to the quilting.