Monday 7 September 2009

Taking the bind out of Binding

I thought I better let you know I'm still here, I have been sewing, slowly, but I can't show you just yet as it's part of my PIF projects. I have started with another Old Red Barn Sew Along, but more of that in another post.

I want to introduce you to a blog friend of mine Tracey of Chubby Mummy. Tracey is an experienced quilter who, like me, has a busy family life, but she does some fantastic work, take a look at her blog at Chubby Mummy.

Tracey is currently offering a free down load of her book on binding. This is something I'm sure we all have difficulty with at some point or another. I've already taken advantage of Tracey's generosity and I have to say, I learnt a lot from this little read. Well worth it, with loads of tips of how to get perfect binding every time. Clear instructions and diagrams that explain what and why you are doing something. I always learn better if I know why I'm doing something, if I can see the logic I can make it work.

That's not all, Tracey has her own shop too, where she sells her individual pieces of her craft. Each one is unique. I really recommend you go and have a look. Read about it here.

To find out more about Tracey do take a look at her web site TeePeeQuilts. I have to say, I was blown away by her quilting and achievements. An awesome artist!

Happy quilting!


QuiltSue said...

Thanks Trudi, I'm off now to look at the site with that binding download.