Thursday 26 February 2009

Quilting Retreat Weekend

Well, it doesn't happen too often, and its quite a rare thing in the UK, but, yep, I'm off on a quilt retreat this weekend. Yeeah!!! After the frenzy of Pat Sloan's OP Challenge, I feel its time I concentrated on completed those last few borders and the other UFOs/WIPs/PSs. And just where is this great event taking place, you might ask. Why Grimsby of course! Where else would you expect? I know for me it doesn't conjure up a vision of peace, tranquility and creativity, but more fish, smelly fish and ... yes fish fingers! But fear not, thanks to Lynne Carter of Wisteria Patchwork, we have lovely secluded hotel overlooking the golf course, with a big bright room to spark that creativity into life! Its going to be a lively weekend, with no cooking, washing or ironing, no one saying 'Mum, can you/we just....', and the best part is meeting old friends and making new ones too. I'm looking forward to it :o) I'm pretty much packed and will be heading straight off after work, so I will post my progress when I return. Hope you all have a productive, creative quilting weekend too.