Wednesday 11 February 2009

My First PostCard

Inspired by Angela's postcards, I thought I would give this a go myself. It didn't look that hard, I read a few instructions on the net, and tonight with a deadline approaching fast I bit the bullet. I'm pleased with my first attempt, especially as I made it with what I had to hand. It's my first attempt at printing on fabric too. Ooooh, I'm hooked. A great way to make a very quick, but personal gift for a friend. Happy Birthday Grace! Does this count as another finished project? (grin) he he


Jenny said...

That's beautiful, how did you do it?

Trudi said...

Thank you Jenny,

I read Angela's tips, also read some files on the Stashbuster's group on yahoo. Then I just had a go, printed photo onto fabric, machine quilted and lagered with stiff fusable, I also fused fabric to the back to use as the postcard side. Satin stitch around, and hey presto!

I have since tried it with pelmet backing and it is so much better. :0)

bingo~bonnie said...

Did I just read that right??? This was your "FIRST" postcard??? WOW - your 1st is awesome! and what a beautiful edge around it... using the varigated thread gave it sorta a bambool look to it.

WOW - I'm blown away that this is your 1st!

Love from Texas!