Thursday 5 February 2009

Aims for the coming year

My very dear friend Jean gave me a beautiful book for Christmas to use as a quilt journal. We ended 2008 with a pact to use what fabric we have rather than buy more. (unless it is absolutely necessary to finish a quilt! :O ) We've both done very well on that score, restraining from great sale offers, and the urge to just pop out to the LQS.

If this quilt journal was going to record what I make, then surely I should record what I already have on the go? Over a period of days, my list of ongoing projects, started or identified and fabrics put to one side, got to about 26, then there are the quilt tops waiting to be quilted, and the hand quilted projects.... need I go on with the torture! "lol"

Sometimes it is good to remind yourself what your aims are... when I look and see that actually I have started another four projects since the new year and have only struck one off my list as completed.

Perhaps I can be a little self righteous in that all my new projects have all been from my stash, Yeeaaah!

So when you see me blogging about another new starter, please, someone remind of my aims for this year!


Karen E. Overton said...

I really like the projects you have posted, love scrap quilts and the patterns you have chosen. Looks like we do have some of the same goals -- to finish projects that have already been started as well as try to work from our stash. Will enjoy keeping up with you!

Tracey said...

I am not going to count my projects - I don't have enough fingers! (and toes, heads, arms .........!)

Small steps though - I work on several projects at a time then finish several all in one go - I feel much better then! I love the yellow twisty quilt btw.