Monday 9 February 2009

Sunshine Sampler

After my play day last week, when I woke up this morning to yet more snow, there was no way I could afford another play day! I was due at work to make up some of the hours I missed last week. Flexitime's, a great tool both for the employer and the employee. I normally quilt on Mondays, and bake for my local Quilt Group meeting. We get together every other week, my friend Jean and I have tried to make a set day to get together for a bit of creative therapy on the alternate weeks.
This evening I logged onto Stashbusters and got the instructions for the first block for the Sunshine Sampler challenge. The aim is to choose an ugly fabric, add some yellow and piece a block a month for the next 9 months. At the end of this time we will have enough blocks, with a few extras thrown in to make a quilt top, at least lap size or bigger.
And so this bright, ugly ' All Hallows' block was born. The ugly fabric has parrots all over it, really quite awful. I think I was originally going to use it for a stack n whack, but didn't have enough repeats. Hopefully the pieces will be small enough not to be able to see how ugly this fabric started out as. I may make the alternate block too.
Bright quilts are not normally my thing, but I do think its good to go beyond comfortable.