Saturday 21 February 2009

Sneaky Little Finish

I added the label to this Double Irish Chain today. So that is the third finish this month! Well, they only had to have binding and labels put on, but it does feel good to finish something. Especially as I seem to have started so much more recently. Overdoing things, no, just over committing!! LOL But I can, hand on heart say that I am working on another UFO, so at least that top will be shortly added to the pile waiting to be quilted. What I really need is some time in the 'office' to get on with quilting my Chocolate and Turquoise quilt. Well, it won't actually be mine, I was asked to make a quilt in those colours for my partners sister. But it is lovely! Am I the only person that becomes emotionally attached to the quilts they make? Surely not, with so much care and attention put into just the fabric selection, the piecing and the quilting, is it any wonder they are hard to let go of. I am getting much better at letting go, I may even sell some one of these days... well not too soon, eh?!!!