Sunday 22 February 2009

OP Update

Its been a busy day, with DD to keep happy, entertained and on the homework trail, I had to fit in the OP Challenge in between, the cooking, groceries, and baking brownies. :o) but they were delicious, thanks Lisssie! So this is the progress so far. I made a huge error in calculating my setting triangles so there are no cornerstones on the outer edges. Ooops... Still it has worked out well. The borders will have to be over the next couple of days, as its back to school in the morning, and back into the old routine. Plus I really must get down to my allotment! So what do you think so far? Its certainly turned out differently from what I had imagined. And I am thrilled with it, its almost like multicoloured ice cream! Yummy!!!!


Jan said...

Oh Trudi I love how this turned out. I love ice cream so that is a good analogy. I am so far behind with this retreat. I guess I shouldn't stress myself out, it's suppose to be fun.

Qubie said...

This quilt is awesome. You have done well to get it done in a weekend. I just wish I could get more done on mine.