Tuesday 3 March 2009

OP Challenge Top Done

Well, after a great weekend, I can report that I pieced the borders for my OP Challenge quilt. Yeah !!! lol I also put borders on my Portugese Tiles. I also pieced the centre of a new quilt (now named Boston Diversion!) which used all the left over fabrics from my Boston Quilt. Boy, I was on a mission this weekend. But somehow I lost sight of my concentration, so proud that I had completed all the blocks for this new top. When I came to lay them together and join them, Wow, what a shock, horror set in as I discovered I had pieced 55 the right way and 57 in reverse!!! I hope you are all laughing, can you imagine the colour of the air?! lol So we came up with a plan. Needless to say, this was not the last of my frustrations with this top. Having laid them out after making new blocks for the centre to pull the quilt back together, I discovered whilst sewing rows that some of the blocks weren't even pieced correctly. I tell you, there was a significant amount of reverse sewing going on! (grin) Hence the name of the quilt! I am pleased with the results, and have come home with just the borders to add, as I didn't take them with me. And guess what I couldn't find when I got home? You guessed it.... the border fabric that had been put in a very safe place! I found it yesterday.
So I have been fed, watered, relaxed, laughed till it hurt, and sewed like a mad woman (I know, no need to state the obvious! lol ) It was a great weekend and I'm looking forward to the next one in May :o)


Qubie said...

I love this quilt. Side Note: I can see I am going to have to add some brown ribbon to our blog quilt project.

Trudi said...

Mmm ... now there's a thought! maybe a little raw edge applique too!! Now look waht yous tarted! haha

Laura said...

It is so pretty, the red really sets it off!