Tuesday 17 March 2009

Oh dear .... I fell off the wagon!

With all the work and chaos in the house, I really felt the need to go to the Childford Spring Quilt Show on Sunday. I know, I know, I didn't need to put myself in the direct line of fire of temptation, but, really, I'm struggling with not being able to express myself with fabric and needed to see others' creativity. The house work could wait!
So my first visit was to the Oakshott stand, such beautiful handloom woven fabrics, and the colours just shine. I was tempted by these pieces, which total approximately 5.6 meters. OK, so they are a little luxury, but please, I'm feeling deprived! lol :o) So whilst I was getting my fill of stroking and placing fabrics next to each other, I casually took note of the lady also so intent on the fabrics on the stall. I have to say, it was with great delight I was rubbing shoulders, (quite literally) with Lynne Edwards, yes, The Lynne Edwards MBE!! A delightful lady, who is totally down to earth, I was thrilled! Anyway, back to the fabric, I'm not sure what I will end up doing with these, I may have to add some more to them when I go to the Festival of Quilts in August. The man from Oakshott was telling me they have been listening to us, and will be taking bolts of fabric with them to the show along with their sparkling packs.
So from one surprise to another, Doughty's were also present. And as always, their value for quality fabrics is unsurpassed. And with selected Kaffe Fasset fabrics reduced to a give away price, who could pass up this opportunity! Yes, I know they are coming up to Lincoln to do a sale day next month, and I still have my pennies saving up for this, but ... but ... but oh well, so I bought a bolt of it! It will be great to mix in with some of my other fabrics, and the main reason is it will be a fabulous backing! I just love doing something surprising on the back of my quilts.

Chilford is a small show, very intimate, but close enough to feel the benefit of the inspiration all around you. Personally I don't go for the quilts, don't get me wrong, they are lovely, but its more about the occasion, the traders are always so lovely, and because it is such an intimate show, you can actually get to the stands and ask the questions and really talk to the traders. I got this lovely pack of fat quarters from the QuiltersCloth stand. I had such a difficult time trying to decide which bundle to buy, I almost came away with two! Yes, restraint did actually enter into my day! Though looking at my big bag of purchases, its hard to see where! (grin) With these, it was the combination of purples and lime green, I just go soft at the knees ! I may seek out more batiks from my stash to see what I can come up with these. But one thing that seems obvious to me know, is I definitely am drawn to eye candy, and resistance is futile!

The one traders stand I was really looking forward to was Sew and So's of Bungay, they have such a fabulous array of fabrics and I always get something from them. And of course, this visit was not exception. I have been eyeing up Japanese taupe's for quite some time. I struggle with doing subtle, and these really are subtle, I even know what sort of pattern I am going to use them in. Isn't it great fabric really speaks to you and says, not only, buy me, but, make me into this, do that and then..... now I know I'm not alone in this! I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on these and having a play session with them. I know it will have to wait a while, whilst the work on the house continues, but they really are in the forefront of my mind. I shall have to make sure they don't get put away to a safe place!
My final purchase, well apart from a book/magazine and some cream on cream was this little pail kit, I was drawn to the colours and the ingenious design of the bag! It is such a cutie, I failed again to use restraint. I've definitely got to do something about this impulse buying! At least I can say this is definitely a project all on its own, and I can use the pattern again! Am I sounding convincing ... or just desperate now!!! LOL

Well, I really must get on with the chores, I can't put them off any longer. Today will be a productive day, I am determined!
Happy quilting :o)