Wednesday, 11 March 2009

What's on your bed?

There has been much talk in 'blogland' of 'whats on your bed? ' so I thought I would take a few moments to show you what's on mine! They change with the season, with a change of mood, but especially when they have been newly finished :o) I'm always so excited when I have accomplished a quilt that will go on the bed, there is something so comforting sleeping underneath the weight of a quilt that has been hand made, especially when it is for someone special or a special occasion, don't you think.

My piecing has slowed down, to an almost stop, as my house is currently being remodelled by builders. As we look each night into the great big hole in the wall in our living room, I know why I moved all my fabrics :o) How come brick dust can get into so many places you forgot about? Its going to be a long slog, new fire, remodelled kitchen, including, I'm hoping a marble worktop, and new solid oak floors throughout the downstairs. So chaos and disruption abound. I have managed to rehouse, and re home much of downstairs, and the majority of my fabric has made it back into the sewing room. (have I shown you my 'office'?) This is the one place I have tried not pile things into for storage, so I have somewhere to retreat to when things start to get unbearable. Even if I am not piecing, I can go and quilt on my frame and hopefully get a few more finished too! Now that will be a big bonus. I counted up about 15 tops that have been made last year and this! I have some catching up to do, but the ideas in my head still come flooding in. Is it just me that has these thoughts coursing through day and night? How does your creativity come to you?