Saturday 21 March 2009

Happy Mothers Day !

Happy Mothers Day to all of you! This is what I made for my Mum, another postcard, and I remembered to photograph it this time. I forgot to do the other four and they've already been re-homed. Mental note to me!

My DD surprised me with breakfast in bed! And what a great job she did on her own too! Don't you think! As well as a pot of tea, all for me, croissants, Pain chocolat, and Belgian sugar waffles (my favourite! Nothing like the real ones hot from the street seller!), she also made the fruit salad herself, no supervision with the sharp knives! No cuts or blood anywhere to be seen!
She did get me a card too, and 'Duchess' on DVD and small box of Thorntons chocolates. How lucky am I? :o) I went to watch Duchess when it was on at the cinema with my friend Jean, we both cried and so did ALL the rest of the audience, including the men! I shall watch it later today when I do the ironing. Mothers Day or not, there are still chores to be done!

I hope all you lovely Mums out there have a lovely day and are spoiled rotten by your own special darlings! And not to leave everyone else out, its a beautiful day here, happy spring!