Monday 23 December 2013

Baby Secrets

no, stop those thoughts right now!
Not those sort of baby secrets, 

but these ...

secret packages being sent from friend to friend ... 

quilting, and binding

and present giving to Ceri, at the Brit Bee Social...
(Susan, I borrowed your photo's - thank you x)

Susan's blog post all about our day out to Laulli's is here

and this is the lovely Harriet with her new quilt
(picture borrowed from Ceri's IG feed - thanks Lovely!)

so you see, these little secrets have been happening a lot lately!

then there was one for Sarah too!

Celebrating Bean with a baby shower, organised by Rhonda!

Oh my, the wonders of technology!

So there was this other package that arrived in the post, this was never meant to be a puking, sickie type of baby quilt, this had to be special ... so special I did!

a couple of late nights ..

its hard to see, but the back shows just how heavily quilted this was

I never managed any daytime shots of this, as it headed straight out the door as soon as the last stitch was put in the binding!

but you get a better view of it on Sarah's blog post about the baby Shower
and of all the other beautiful gifts

so there you have some secret baby news

next up some of my customer quilts I've been working on :)


Judith, Belfast said...

I think you do baby secrets very well!! Gorgeous pics of our Harry! Jxo

Sarah said...

you've worked wonders deary x

Di said...

You are a whizz at the quilting. Di x

Sarah said...

You just make my jaw drop!

Canadian Abroad said...

Beautiful secrets for fabulous friends. You are a star!

Catherine said...

Fabulous work Trudi. You never stop!

Leanne said...

Your quilting is beautiful, such an inspiration. It is so lovely that you have been part of all those quilts. Merry Christmas to you.

QuiltSue said...

Well I must admit, I did a double take when I saw the post title!

You've certainly been busy keeping those baby secrets.

Katy Cameron said...

What, you didn't hand Harriet's over telling her not to puke on it? ;o)

You did a beautiful job with both of them :o)

heart of charnwood said...

All gorgeous, as always :o)

Sarah said...

Beautiful baby quilts. Even cuter baby!