Saturday, 4 April 2009

You Know your're tired when...

Ever had one of those moments or days? You know, when your know you are tired, but you fight it and fight it, till something tells you its time to give in ... And it depends on what you were doing too, doesn't it. So, this evening I knew I was tired when ... when I discovered that I had loaded up the backing of a quilt the wrong way up. You know that sinking feeling when you find that seam allowance showing, Aaaaaaah! Was it too late to rip out what I had already done and start again with the back the right way round? Oh yes! So I have resigned myself not to worry too much about it, after all, I am just practicing some more meandering magic on an old quilt top. But boy was I mad!!!
Have you ever had one of those 'you know you're tired when... ' moments? My most marked moment has to be told. You know you're tired when you get up in the morning to find you have put on your pajamas on inside out, and even managed to button up the front too!!! Yes I really did do that!
So come on, tell me one of your funny 'you know you're tired when...' stories. Surely you can do better than mine! Now there's a challenge :o)


Tracey said...

Yep -- done that ... loaded quilt upside down and bottom at top and side on. Used wrong thread, wrong needle, wrong pattern and pattern upside down. You are not alone... I use to cry and get upset .. now I laugh and resign myself to a bit of unpicking!

But why no add another backing (the right way this time) and quilt again over the meandering in a different colour thread - could look good and give you another practice quilt.