Thursday 30 April 2009

Finnish It Up (FIU) Challenge

I had a great time last weekend in Grimsby on a last minute quilting retreat. It was great to get away and be more creative and productive. At home I'm so stifled by all that is going on, I'm struggling. In fact its draining! So as well as putting on a couple of bindings, moving on another project, I managed to turn this pile of fabric into something that closely resembles a quilt centre. Just in need of a little light trim and borders and its will be ready to quilt. Yayyy!
So this is how far it got. The fabrics were donated, all genuine African fabrics from Uganda. The brief was to make a lap quilt. Can't be difficult, surely!
I have also been nursing this project and decided to nominate it for my declared FIU project to be done by May 22nd. Although I pieced this top last year, It has been coveting its backing and wadding for the last week, loafing around the house, whining at me to move it on some! So Monday I took iron in hand, pressed the top and backing, measured off some wadding and loaded it up on the frame. I even managed to do some quilting on it! The plan is to get it done over this coming bank holiday weekend, so I can also finish the African top above and have it loaded, quilted and off before my group meeting on Tuesday pm. We'll see. Nothing like a deadline to make you rise to the challenge!