Monday 13 April 2009

Orange Pile Challenge - Revealed!

I loved doing this quilt, from the very concept of digging out my own Orange Pile of fabrics, to the simple block design, and how it could be manipulated with colour, mixing the colours up, all through the frenzied facebook exchanges. I take my hat off to Pat Sloan for organising this challenge, because the results across the world have been amaizing!

I had SO MUCH orange fabric, I was almost shocked! Well, a girl has got to have a good mix of colours in her stash surely? (LOL) It was easy to choose a 'buddy' for my orange and then complete the team line-up. But when I got to mix up the colours even more, these blocks just spoke sherbet dib dabs to me! Or even a spot of Mango sorbet! Seeing what everyone else was doing through Facebook was very inspirational, and a good driver to push out my own boundaries. I was so pleased I could squeeze a little of my favourite colour, lime green, into this quilt too. Would I change anything? No, this quilt just speaks to me, and tells its own story of the process, to me anyway.

When it came to the setting, it was easy, it just had to be on point, no matter which way round you put it on the bed, its always going to be the right way round! The borders were a a little more challenging, I was going to use some of the turquoise flower fabric, but it just made it look 'dead'. Another rummage came up with the final border fabric, I just didn't have anything else that did it. I was determined not to have to go out and buy any more fabric, this little baby was coming totally out of my stash.

As you know, if you've read my earlier post, i tried a new quilting technique out on this one. It was great fun, and I have to thank Suzanne Earley for the push into something I absolutely love! OK, so again, another learning process, but I am so pleased with the results of this quilt. Quilting it was such fun, and so quick. I used Superior Threads Rainbows in Mango Mango. I love the way these threads shimmer, and the varigated colours were just perfect. Check out Mother Superiors Blog, they have some great reading. I've done this mandering feather technique again on another quilt, and I am truly a convert to Meandering Magic.

So my OP Challenge is finally revealed for all to see. I hope you like it as much as I do. It's made it to the bed, and its like waking up to sunshine not matter what the weather is doing.


Zonnah said...

I really like this pattern.