Sunday 24 August 2014

Some of those secrets

I've been working on quite a few secret projects

one of the major secrets has been the quilts I made for Nel Whatmore

Nel designed all of these quilts, she sends me a picture of the design in  the fabrics, and after lots of discussion, I have then made, quilted, and finished the quilts then returned them to Nel.

Firstly I made this quilt earlier in the year using her fabric Line Memory Lane

I used some design elements from the fabric for the quilting inspiration

and repeated it in the border

You can see the finished quilt and buy the pattern here.

Then there was what I called on Instagram as #84inchesofawesome

Merry Go Round

I love this view of the back from under the longarm with the sun shining through 

I pieced this one, quilted and finished it too,
with some of the left overs from the piecing, I made a couple of pot holders

and some bunting

I was so thrilled to see this hanging on the Cotton Patch stand at Festival of Quilts

ooh look and the bunting!

The pattern is just being finalised and will be available very soon

And Secret Garden,

this was hand EPP'd by Nel over the last year, I had the pleasure of quilting this one

The view of the back

again, this one was hanging on the Cotton Patch stand at Festival of Quilts

I had a fabulous time at Festival, and am thoroughly enjoying working so collaboratively with Nel.  Its been a real pleasure to understand the story behind the fabrics that give me inspiration for the quilting.


Sarah said...

Oh my! These are amazing Trudi. I keep scrolling back to 84 inches of awesome because I love it sooooo much. Fantastic! You really seem to have a great working connect with Nel's designs and fabrics. Going back to check out that 84" again....

Cindy said...

Clearly this collaboration is working brilliantly for both of you! Your piecing (in many) and quilting everywhere makes these fabrics/designs shine. Gorgeous work!

Canadian Abroad said...

What an amazing collaboration. Gorgeous quilts, beautifully quilted - as always. You amaze me with what you accomplish.

Archie The Wonder Dog said...

Crikey, they're all beautiful! You have so much talent (and you work so hard!) and I'm constantly in awe of what you do. Bravo, my friend, bravo!

Katy Cameron said...

Oooh, lovely job on all of them. That last one totally looks like Millefiore

Fran said...

Love all those projects!

Judith, Belfast said...

Wow! Nel is an amazing designer and your amazing quilting compliments her perfectly! 84" of awesome is my fav. Jxo

Leanne said...

What fun! The quilts and especially the quilting are wonderful, as are the fabrics.

myBearpaw said...

I saw both of those quilts at FOQ and thought they were both amazing - well done Trudi! You are a superstar!

Reene@Nellie's Niceties said...

These were even more awesome in real life! Great work Trudi :)

Indianna said...

Oh these all look fabulous. Great fabrics for fussy cutting too. Off for a quick look at the patterns...tempted!

Catherine said...

Wow they are stunning Trudi. Where do you get the time!!!

Strawberry Patch said...

You really are amazing Trudi!