Friday 22 August 2014

So much to catch up on

so lets start with July and Fat Quarterly Retreat!

I know, I know... back in the height of the summer heat

I finished my swap samples in time! 

these were on my FAL list, so that's one less project!

and as is now customary, I made a new bag!  
Lets just clarify that, I started the bag at 4pm the day before, all done by 8pm, just in time to pack for the morning! 

and I have to say I LOVE my Noodlehead Poolside Tote!

there may be another one in my future ...
I also managed to finish something else on my FAL list ...

this cushion for Nicky

we entered into a private swap last year at retreat, and so I needed to complete my end of the bargain.  I'm pleased to report the feathered cushion now resides in her sewing room.
Another one off the list!

And my Lovely Roomie made me this amazing draw string bag, 

its a perfect size for travelling with, and I have used it already!  Thank you Di x

I dont seem to have a picture of my swaps, but I received another, most beautiful drawstring bag from Di, some coasters from Soinia, and a teeny tiny bear from Penny. 

Whilst we were free Friday morning Di and I took ourselves off on a trip to the Village Haberdashery ... and we may have cleared the shelves of a little Cotton & Steel while we were there!

And there may have been an afternoon tea in the mix too! 
Oh, that is definitely one to be repeated!

Thank You Shev for organising us!

The Retreat was a roaring success, smaller, more intimate, and thoroughly enjoyable, meeting old friends, new friends, online friends, having fun together!

So that was July, some secret sewing, and some FAL finishes!


Lucy | Charm About You said...

Beautiful makes! Your bag tote is so pretty! Gorgeous haul, those bees are so fabulous and I adore Arizona too!

Di said...

It was a good weekend indeed! Di x

Danielle said...

Wow! A four hour bag! That is impressive! Looks great too :) xxx

Judith, Belfast said...

Your bags are gorgeous T! Lucky swap partners. So wish I could have been there this year, but not long til October!! Jxo

Katy Cameron said...

Glad you had fun, and WTG on all the finishes :o)

Archie The Wonder Dog said...

You made a bag in four hours?! Wow!! I love all your makes and congratulations on the FAL finishes!