Monday, 14 July 2014

FAL - Qtr 3

Oh well, seems the more I declare, the less I get done, but slowly slowly I WILL conquer this list!
The fact I keep adding to it doesn't help really!

#1 Sunnyside Quilt (carried forward from qtr 1 & 2) - just needs quilting and finishing!

#2 Union Jacks - need to finish this one and get it ready to send to a friend the other side of the pond. (carried over from Qtr 2)

#3 Rapture Quilt - oh how I want to get this one done!  I have a plan and everything!

Its made it to the frame, and I've started quilting, but that's as far as it got.

#4  PB&J Kaleidoscope quilt -  if any are going to slip, this is it!  (carried forward from Qtr 1)

#5 Oriental top (carried forward from Qtr 1 & 2) - just needs quilting and finishing!

#6 Vintage Modern Quilt - would like to get this one quilted at least so I know if I am going to enter it into Festival this year!

Its been hanging up waiting for a quilting opening for some time. And is still hanging about waiting for a slight modification and some 'contemporary' quilting! Fesstival entry is looking unlikely now, but I'd still like it done.

#7  Sprinkles - I pattern tested this for Sue, (must blog about it) (Carried over from Qtr 2)

#8 More Pattern Testing, this one for Megan - love it so much I must finish it!

currently picked up and labeled into a bag waiting for an opportunity to sit and sew.
I've done some blocks, but that's it.

#9 and just for Sarah - Hunters Star quilt - Gulp!  this one is a monster, with more piecing than a box of dropped crockery!  Jury's out I'm afraid - but it made the list all the same!

Don't hold your breath on this one!

#10 Peppered Cottons quilt - these have been together since I bought them, ooooh at least 2 months ago!  

#11 FQR Samlple swaps

I better get a move on!

#12  This pile of fabrics into a cushion!

#13  and the pile of rejected blocks into a cushion.

So that should keep me out of trouble then! 
and being as I seem to be chipping away at these I should accomplish something!

Never mind the Customer quilts already booked in for the next few months!

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Di said...

If your list is as long as your arm then you have an exceedingly long arm! Di x

Francine said...

Whew! Lots of exciting projects in the works! I'm swooning over #8 :) Good luck!!

Katy Cameron said...

That should keep you going til this time next year ;o)

moira said...

I'm off for a lie down - it's tired me out!

Archie The Wonder Dog said...

Well, you won't be bored!! Good luck!