Sunday 6 July 2014

Quarter 2 - The full disclosure version!

So my madness was declared Here!

and so this is the full disclosure!

#1 Sunnyside Quilt (carried forward from last qtr) - just needs quilting and finishing!

Nope!  Not even moved from the pile!

#2  Kaffe/batik quilt top (carried forward from Qtr 1) - just needs quilting and finishing!

#3 Union Jacks - need to finish this one and get it ready to send to a friend the other side of the pond. 

Still remains in the pile or PHDs (projects Half done!)

#4 Rapture Quilt - oh how I want to get this one done!  I have a plan and everything!

Its made it to the frame, and I've started quilting, but that's as far as it got.

#5 Scrumptious HST quilt - another I need to finish soon.  Needs to become a class sample

Wooohooo!  Another one Done!

#6 PB&J Kaliedescope quilt -  if any are going to slip, this is it!  (carried forward from Qtr 1)

Not even taken a peak at it! 

#7 Oriental top (carried forward from Qtr 1) - just needs quilting and finishing!

Remains in the untouched pile

#8 Vintage Moder Quilt - would like to get this one quilted at least so I know if I am going to enter it into Festival this year!

Its been hanging up waiting for a quilting opening for some time. And is still hanging about waiting for a slight modification and some 'contemporary' quilting!

#9  Sprinkles - I pattern tested this for Sue recently, (must blog about it) and I'd like it done fast!


#10 More Pattern Testing, this one for Megan - love it so much I must finish it!

currently picked up and labeled into a bag waiting for an opportunity to sit and sew.
I've done some blocks, but that's it.

#11 and just for Sarah - Hunters Star quilt - Gulp!  this one is a monster, with more piecing than a box of dropped crockery!  Jury's out I'm afraid - but it made the list all the same!

Hmm, 2011 on the box! remained untouched!  Sorry Sarah, its time will come, because its going to be so pretty when Its done!

#12  Big Star quilt (carried forward from Qtr 1) - honestly, I just need to finish binding the thing!

Yayyy!  Done!  

#13 and I forgot about these, til I got home, 2 Baby Quilts, part of  #BritBeeForever and Hadley is waiting to add the binding, on her list, so I need to quilt, trim and post to Hadley, so she can bind.  Definitely a joint effort here by the whole of the Brit Bee!

Done! - Blog post here

#14 Peppered Cottons quilt - these have been together since I bought them, ooooh at least 2 months ago!  

nothing like a deadline (even a self imposed one!) untouched!

So a respectable Four Finishes!
 Actually its 5 quilts, because one of them was in fact 2 quilts in one project!

So, in the same period I have quilted 18 customer quilts, one of which I made and have written a pattern for, 3 articles, and taught on 9 full day classes.  2 Quilt shows, 3 sets of Pea Room block of the Month, and had a weeks holiday! Plus the day job!

So linking this up with Katy, before the deadline of midnight tonight!


Archie The Wonder Dog said...

Four (big!) ticks off the list is a marvellous achievement, especially when you add them to the list of other things you've done! And at least you haven't left yourself with nothing to do in the remaining two quarters of the year ;o)

Sharon J. Hughson said...

Is that all you have in the Phd category? Amateur! LOL

Leanne said...

I know you did this just to make me feel better about my measly three finishes, thank you. I love the ones you have finished, and you have achieved so much in addition. There is always the next, and the next after FAL quarter.

Kim said...

Phew! You are making me tired!
Congratulations on the finishes :0)

Happy Sewing

Catherine said...

Great finishes Trudi

Nicky said...

Brilliant - with all the extras I'm surprised you got anything done!

Carla said...

A big accomplishment for sure. Enjoy the next quarter

QuiltSue said...

Well with all the other things you've been doing, it's a wonder that you finished anything on your list, let alone that you finished some beautiful things.

Cindy said...

Be happy with those you did finish and at least you have a good start on next quarter's list :) I love your organic photos of the quilts exactly where they are at the minute of posting. You're hilarious.