Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Exciting Times = Public Service Announcement

There really is a lot of excitement about the launch of the new quilting magazine 

Quilt Now!

If you haven't heard, its Editor is my very dear friend Katy

I already bought a subscription, with Katy at the helm, its going to be fantastic!
And there is still time to get a fabulous offer too!

there are literally only a few days left on this offer, so why not go get yourself a bargain, as well as a little bit of happiness every month!

all the details are here at Practical Publishing International

and the direct link to subscription is here through MoreMags

Just so you know :)


QuiltSue said...

Thanks for the reminder Trudi. I keep meaning to take out a subscription and then keep thinking "I'll do it in a minute", and you know how that works out. I'm off to do it NOW.

Katy Cameron said...

And will we be seeing any of your fabulous work in there?