Tuesday 7 January 2014

2013 Qtr 4 FAL - the round up

Oh dear!  I knew my list was ambitious

and I didn't realize I would get quite so busy with customer quilts and teaching

so here goes ... 

Qtr 4 - the List!

#1.  Siblings Together - carried over from last month, this is a top that now needs to be quilted and bound.  - DONE!  Blogged here :)

#2  12th Street - another top, (pattern testing) and just needs quilting and binding - DONE , blog post here

#3  Merry Go Round Quilt - yes, another top that just needs quilting and binding, this one is now a class sample so I better pull my skates on! - Nope, didn't happen!

#4  Patch Fabrics project - I need to finish piecing the project and produce the finished article and write a blog post/tutorial - Sadly not, this has to be first on my list for 2014 !

#5  Chevron Quilt -  I have quite some way to go on this one, piecing to finish off, quilted and bound - didn't happen

#6   Christmas quilt -  carried over from earlier in the year, piecing to finish, quilt and bind - ha ha, didn't happen!

#7  Kaleidoscope quilt -I have half  blocks, so again piecing, quilting and binding - Still not done

#8  Black and White 2 for one - piecing started, so finish piecing, quilt and bind. - No, not done either!

so that's  just 2/8,  which in the big scheme of things is 2 more finishes that there might have been without the FAL! 

I've linked up with Leanne, and will now make my list for 2014 . 

It could be a long one again!


Mrs Flying Blind... said...

2 is good, especially when they were both quilts, not piddly cushions like mine!

Di said...

Two finishes is good but think what other things that you have made too! Di x

Archie The Wonder Dog said...

Two is much better than none and you've done loads of other things besides!

Indianna said...

2 fantastic finishes though ... And now you have 11 months before you will need the Christmas one!

Katy Cameron said...

Well they were good finishes, and you needed stuff for Q1 anyway, right? ;o)

Canadian Abroad said...

Goodness me, what have you been doing with your time? Hahahaha! You do more than near anyone I know. Your finishes are good ones.

QuiltSue said...

Well it could have been far worse. Well done on having any finishes at all with everything else you have to do.

Leanne said...

Two excellent finishes are great, especially since you made so many other things. I am liking those projects that are not done, maybe they will be finished this quarter?

Emma said...

Two more than me!!!