Wednesday 16 October 2013

Catching up on Birthdays

I have been busy, but just not blogged, so I thought I better get some blog posts written, 

first up were some birthdays for the Kitchen Guild ladies, 
(if you've been on IG, you may already have seen some of this)

first up is our hostess with the mostest Lynne 

now, she's a tough cookie to make for!
It is all about the piecing for Lynne so I had to find something that was challenging, yet traditional, with that real traditional red white and blue feel to it.

enter the Lone Star - challenging, and traditional

The star fabrics are from French General, and the background fabric is from , Etchings by 3 Sisters for Moda, a Parisian architectural print, all very personal to Lynne

and of course, you know I don't do straight line quilting,
but for this project it was the right thing to do :) 
I used Aurifil 50 Wt colour #2123 (a lovely yellowy cream)

the back, zipper inserted in the Sew Mama Sew way

I'm really pleased with the finished result, the piecing came out almost perfectly, 
the quilting (although I nearly went mad) was just right

and best of all Lynne loves it!

Secondly, was Brioni 

now, for this one it was all about the quilting and I knew exactly what I wanted to do, 
and whilst I cannot explain where the inspiration came from, 

lets just say, it's very personal for Brioni!

and the back

Plain White Kona I got from Justine at Simply Solids, and the background was quilted with Aurifil 50 wt colour # 2021, my go to piecing thread!  The colour wheel was a mix of all sorts that is in my thread stash...
(yes I have one of those!)

sometimes, it all just comes together!

and even I was a little gobsmacked I managed to pull off these two gifts,
 for two very special talented  ladies


Sarah said...

They're both gorgeous, thems two lucky ladies!

Carla said...


Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Beauties xxx

Sarah said...

Lucky them!

heart of charnwood said...

Both gorgeous, love them both!

QuiltSue said...

They're both fantastic Trudi. What lucky friends.

Judith, Belfast said...

Crikey missus! What lucky girls to get a 'Troods special' for their birthdays! Jxo

moira said...


Canadian Abroad said...

Two stunning and very appropriate gifts. You are the best.

Katy Cameron said...

Fabulous gifts missus, I especially love that quilting on Brioni's

Sarah Lou said...

Beautiful cushions, I especially love the quilting on Brioni's