Monday 14 October 2013

DailyCraft TV

I was approached by the very nice man at Fons and Porter to review one of their DailyCraftTV classes  

There are a wide selection of classes available, and as an experience quilter I found it quite hard to decide which one I would get the most out of, so in the end I opted for something completely different!

well you would wouldn't you, given the chance!

What? oh yes, Hawaiian Style Quilting, 2 for 1 Hula with Stacy Michelle,

The presentation is about 40 minutes long, and once you get past (what felt to me) the hard sell for the patterns and fabrics, the class is very informative with some interesting tips on fusing particularly on large pieces of fabric.  All very detailed and precise.  There is a downloadable document that gives you all the instructions to carry out the technique, which are clear and easy to follow.  My only disappointment was that a pattern was not included so you can try the technique, even just on a small scale, if you have the materials to hand.  Not living in the USA, postage for patterns and supplies can be rather excessive, and something I try and avoid unless absolutely essential.  So to only be given the option of going through the presenters web site was the one thing that I felt let this class down for me.

Overall a good class, and had I paid $9.99 I may have felt just a little let down by the supporting document.
Thank you to Fons and Porter for allowing me to review one of their online classes.


Judith, Belfast said...

An honest assessment! I remember trying Hawaiian quilting at college and hating it!!! Jxo

Katy Cameron said...

Never heard of Hawaiian quilting before, I'm surprised there isn't a static pic of the finished product on the page so you can see what you'll be learning.