Thursday 17 October 2013

oh ... and speaking of gifts

Recently Nicky came to visit, 

well, her husband was visiting family in the area, 
in fact so close, it was almost the back garden!

and way back in the summer, we both agreed to a personal swap, 
each making a cushion ...

and Nicky brought hers with her ... I was completely taken aback!

isn't it beautiful!  hand applique'd and everything,

she confessed to have stalked my flickr faves and quite frankly 
she got it spot on!

the detail on the back is stunning as is the free motion quilting!

and there is a little label inside under the zip cover too
(but i didn't get a photo, and its dark!)

honestly Nicky, I feel ashamed I have not fulfilled my end of the bargain, 
I need to rectify this!

whilst she was here, as well as inspecting the studio and the fabric pantry,
a serious inspection of the quilts was made, 
sadly we ran out of time to look at them all, 
I think that's a damn good excuse for another visit!

(I counted them as I folded them up again, 54!)


Katy Cameron said...

54?! I fear an avalanche of quilts is going to envelope you, the princess and Thrifty and his girlfriend one day o.O Still, the cushion look like a nice addition to the smothering arsenal ;o)

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

So it's all round to yours when Armageddon comes and we need to seek warmth and shelter!

Nicky is a star!

Sarah said...

Lovely work from Nicky, and OMG 54? I thought I was gathering with my 6... lol

Judith, Belfast said...

One day someone will discover a very old lady under all those quilts! Gorgeous cushion from N! Jxo

Kay said...

Lucky you!!! I am sure you will make her something equally lovely.

Sheila said...

Fabric pantry.........sigh.

Nicky said...

I was loathe to leave.....I think we came close to finishing but not quite enough time!

54!?? I have a long way to go to catch up Trudi.

Looking forward to a cushion whenever it need to feel guilty at all!

Canadian Abroad said...

We all love Nicky. And that cushion too!!!