Tuesday 9 June 2009

strips, strips and more ...... strips!

Yep, I've been sewing strips!

These are some I have already done, they are looking good so far, don't you think. Can you tell which one isn't Amy Butler?

Birthday girl had another day off school today, and with the builder, electrician and the cabinet maker, it got a bit crowded in the kitchen, to say the least! So not as much sewing as I would have liked, and shucks I have to go to work in the morning! She is much better after a good rest so will be back at it tomorrow!
I'm aiming to get more of this done over the next few days, the kitchen has sort of come to a stand still, but it is usable and almost back to normal, if you call no counter top or doors normal!
I did get some of these strips cut into blocks and had a sneak peak at laying them out .... ooooh .... pretty!
Happy quilting!


Karen E. Overton said...

Love the color combination. Do you have a particular pattern in mind? I'm simply amazed at what can be done with strips. Can't wait to see your beautiful creation.