Wednesday, 10 June 2009


Whilst the work continues in the house, and with all the attempts to get somewhere at least 'normal', this is now my cutting station!

The height of this unit works so well for me, it was a surprise discovery, but being vertically challenged, it has taken the back strain away from the cutting.

I managed to get the strip sets finished, pressed and cut tonight. So this is where I am up to on my ORB Sew Along. I will try to get them laid out tomorrow after work, into a pleasing layout, so I can pin rows together to takeout to the 'office' to sew.

The sewing room (office) is a little more challenged at the moment! This was me earlier watching Matt Sparrow (Manquilter) from Quiltcetera do his thing! Whilst I finished off my strips. :o) You should check out his site, his work is awsome! His wife Bradie is equally talented too!

Its a tight squeeze at the moment till I get counter tops back in the kitchen so I can have my table to sew on again. Phone, laptop, sewing machine (not necessarily in that order!) what more is there? LOL I can now lay out again, the floors are done! Yipeeee! There are about 4 quilts in progress in that pile on the left, all waiting patiently. Not much longer my little beauties!

I'd love to know if I am the only mad person that finds a way to quilt no matter what the challenge. Can you top hand quilting on armed guard or doing a wholecloth in the desert whilst on deployment to a war zone? This seems a little tame in comparison, don't you think?