Friday, 31 October 2014

Autumn Leaves - Modern Maples

I can't believe its been a month since I last posted!
(I'll remedy that later!)

But for now, Lets talk Autumn, and if you would like to take a look over Here at the Sizzix blog today, or any other day for that matter,  you'll be able to see, and read about how I played with these lovely fabrics .....

taking a modern block, and am very close to turning them into a quilt for the season.

Friday, 3 October 2014

Pretty Paisley Daisy

So today starts a new adventure for me,  and you can find all about it and the Paisley Daisy I've been playing with as part of my Stitch Gathering Preparations

In fact, you might just find me there on a regular basis.
Just sayin'!

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Pea Room Block of the Month - August

Is it really June since I posted?   Shocking!  
Where did the summer go?  Mustn't complain, it was such a good summer!

So catching up then,

The first block is Northumberland Star
just take a little extra care to follow the directions for piecing this one
(just sayin')

and the second is Rising Star

Honestly, this one is so quick, and very satisfying to make!

I'll see what I can rustle up before the next meeting, 
you may want to stand by for a little paper foundation piecing :)

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

and the winner is ....

my apologies for my tardiness in getting this posted

My holiday was fabulous, though it seems such a long time ago now!

anyway, back to the winner of the Imagine Quilts giveaway

I asked the teenager to pick a name, and she chose Archie the Wonder Dog!

Helen Said: 

Blogger Archie the wonder dog said...
I love the quilt in the second photo (Elephant Parade?) and think that would be the first of many projects I'd make from this book!
29 August 2014 13:37
So if you'd like to email me Helen so I can get the thread sent to you and pass your details onto Dana for an E Copy of the book.   Congratulations! 

and thank you to all of your for your patience :) 

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Imagine Quilts

So my friend Dana, of Old Red Barn recently wrote a book,
and I am thrilled she asked me to be a part of the blog hop for the books recent release by Martingale

Its a fabulous book, and as soon as a copy arrived in the post, 
I just wanted to dive right in and make a couple of the quilts

The great thing is, I know its just not me that feels that way!

Its so hard to pic a favorite, but I have been so inspired by Dana's book

I had to jump right in and gather fabrics for a quilt

straight away!

and then I cut, even though there is stuff I HAVE to get done!

Dana is such a lovely person, and over the years we have become great virtual friends,
ever since those early days of the Old Red Barn QAL on Flikr

She has such a beautiful eye with the camera 
and equally eloquent with words

So if you fancy winning an e-book version of this very special book,
thanks to the very Lovely Martingale people


some fabulous Aurifil thread

Then please just leave me a comment, 
just the one,
if you are a no reply blogger, then please make sure I can get hold of you with your email address in the comment too.  
(i'd hate for you to miss out)

I will draw the winner Friday night

Giveaway is now closed, I have drawn a winner and will notify you when I can get back to my laptop. 

Thank you all for your lovely comments

T x

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Rapture Star

So my Rapture Star has been on my FAL list for some time
It needed to be done in time for Festival, 

With all the piecing going on, my quilt got put to the pile,  
When I loaded it, I wanted to do it justice for a competition, but just looked at it for weeks (ok, 2 weeks) before I quilted it.  

And when I did get round to quilting it, I had made the decision that it would not make it to Festival, as I still had Nels quilts to do, and well, the paid work comes first right?

So I just quilted it with feathers, no plan, just did it

on and off, no fuss

and I love it, not the best quilting, backtracking or anything like I wanted for it, 
but thanks to Moira and Mary and a binding party, whilst I quilted the EMMQG entry

my Rapture Star made it to Festival

This is another Whopper at 84" square
Fabrics are Rapture by Pat Bravo for Art Gallery Fabrics with Pure Elements in Snow from Art Gallery fabrics as the background. 

The pattern was from a Moda Bakeshop pattern Candy Flower pillow by Julie Hirt that used Mini Squares (2 1/2") 
but I went large and super sized those squares somewhat!

There is some AGF on the back and so this quilt feels amazing!

So that's another one off my FAL list!

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Some of those secrets

I've been working on quite a few secret projects

one of the major secrets has been the quilts I made for Nel Whatmore

Nel designed all of these quilts, she sends me a picture of the design in  the fabrics, and after lots of discussion, I have then made, quilted, and finished the quilts then returned them to Nel.

Firstly I made this quilt earlier in the year using her fabric Line Memory Lane

I used some design elements from the fabric for the quilting inspiration

and repeated it in the border

You can see the finished quilt and buy the pattern here.

Then there was what I called on Instagram as #84inchesofawesome

Merry Go Round

I love this view of the back from under the longarm with the sun shining through 

I pieced this one, quilted and finished it too,
with some of the left overs from the piecing, I made a couple of pot holders

and some bunting

I was so thrilled to see this hanging on the Cotton Patch stand at Festival of Quilts

ooh look and the bunting!

The pattern is just being finalised and will be available very soon

And Secret Garden,

this was hand EPP'd by Nel over the last year, I had the pleasure of quilting this one

The view of the back

again, this one was hanging on the Cotton Patch stand at Festival of Quilts

I had a fabulous time at Festival, and am thoroughly enjoying working so collaboratively with Nel.  Its been a real pleasure to understand the story behind the fabrics that give me inspiration for the quilting.