Sunday 3 January 2016

saying farewell to 2015

It was a busy year, with much excitement and travel and many changes along the way, some welcome, others not so. 

to celebrate my makes and realize just how busy it was, the obligatory mosaics make a happy reminder of just how much I achieved.

There are a few things missing, a bag, the many cakes and bakes, and the lesser spotted allotment makes.

And then there were the Sizzix makes ,,, some you've seen others you didn't.

Add in all the quilts and projects I made for Nel, and the 100 or so customer quilts, its fair to say its been quite a year!

I'm looking forward with optimism that 2016 will be as busy, creative, productive and a happy one. 

Happy New Year!


Eliana Zerbinatti... said...

Happy new year, Trudi!!

Eliana Zerbinatti... said...

Happy new year, Trudi!!

Sarah said...

Brilliant makes. 100 customer quilts is quite an achievement, so proud of you for growing that business. True talent just oozes from you.

Leanne said...

Wow, there are beautiful things there and 100 or so customer quilts too? You are doing great!

DeAnna said...

Wow. Congrats! You've had a productive year. Awesome finishes!

Judith, Belfast said...

Not too busy I hope!! Jxo

Archie The Wonder Dog said...

What a gorgeous year you had (I think you were 'cultivating' last year? If so, you got it bang on!) - hope 2016 is nothing but good to you xx