Saturday 16 January 2016

Finish Along 2016

Last year was busy, but this year I want to be a little kinder to myself with some me time sewing, work smarter not harder.   Maybe finish a few more of my own things too.

So I'm joining in with the Finish Along this year, with intentions of blogging more than once a month!

So here is my declaration of intention for 2016 Quarter One

#1  Table runner, just needs the binding stitching down.

#2  Brit Bee Birthday quilt, shamefully, finish binding and label.

#3  Brit Bee Round 3 quilt, add another border quilt and bind.
#4  Big Melons quilt,  quilt and bind.

#5  Turn this pile of fabrics bought just before Christmas into a gift for a friend.

#6  Raspberry Kiss blocks, make more and turn into a quilt for Siblings Together.

I think that will do nicely for this quarter, some more achievable than others, but whats life without a challenge eh?

Linking up over on Nicky's blog.


Leanne said...

It's a great list, and I hope to see you finish them too!

Archie The Wonder Dog said...

I can't wait to see some (all?!) of these finished! Good luck with your list!

Josie said...

I've just found you via 'Just Jude' and I'm so glad I came to visit! Your quilts are gorgeous and I'll now be a regular visitor xx